Opeth live videos


Apr 4, 2004
I am looking for the live videos of Opeth Live at the culture room and Inferno, and the New Mason Jar. If you have any of these videos or can tell me a site to download them from , I would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you.
The awesome Inferno gig can be seen from this streaming location: http://www7.nrk.no/nrkplayer/default.aspx?kategori_id=640

To register press "Ny Bruker" in the top of the blue square

Then type in First name, Last Name, Username, Password (6 digits), Repeat Password and E-mail in the colums with the red stars (and uncheck all the boxes below to avoid spamming, except the lowest one wich has to be checked) Press 'Fortsett' (here your username may have been used before but you should be able to figure than one out). Then type in the registration code that has been sent to your e-mail adress. After that just search (søk at the far bottom of the blue square) for Opeth and you should be all set (there will be an automatic test of what qulity of streaming to use as well). To make full screen press the two squares in the lower right corner.
If anyone's interested, me (same nickname) and a user called Metalattack666 are sharing a live video (mpeg) of the recent Philadelphia, Pennsylvania gig. Shot from the crowd obviously, but with surprisingly good video/audio quality.
Where? "On the hub." :D :p Just learn to use DC++/oDC first...

Metalattack also has some gigs from 2001, one from -96, the Inferno gig, some songs (or the whole show, I'm not sure) from the Hultsfred gig and various other stuff. I'm probably going to leech this guy dry. :p
Well could be. Haven't asked him, nor do I really care. :) The important thing is that as many people as possible can get the shows, no?
Thanks for all the help, I have downloaded the Inferno show and Culture room, Still searching for the penn show. But thank you.