Obtaining/Purchasing Live Opeth Video Recordings


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I would really appreciate if anyone could show me where i can download or purchase any/all live Opeth recordings or bootlegs... I'm just itching for Opeth videos... And i would soil myself if i could find someone with a recording of the 2003 show at the Palladium in Worcester (the last show on their last tour) because i was there :cool:
Basically i just crave anything that i haven't heard/seen before that pertains to Opeth. I would kill for any of the following videos that i know exist...

((( Opeth - 1996 06 17 - Live at the Witchwood ashton (43:34 min., 3 songs).

- Opeth - 2001 05 12 - Live at the Culture Room - (51:02 min., 4 or 5 songs)

- Opeth - 2001 05 17 - Live at New Mason Jar - (40:20 min., 4 songs)

- Opeth - Montreal 2001 at the Foo-Fuenes. (1:10:31)

- Opeth - Deliverance live in Paris 2003

- Opeth - live Hultsfred, Sweden 2003

- Opeth - live Inferno fest, Norway 2003

- Opeth - Windowpane promo vid

- Opeth - In My Time Of Need + To Rid The Disease live @ TV4 (Swe)


etc. etc. etc.

Thanks in advance =)
yeah i'd love to find a vid of any opeth show in worcester (been to all of em)... but i dont think anyone ever tapes those, cuz i've never seen em turn up anywhere. anyway, i did find a site a while back that had alot of the vids you mention, i'll look for it. also, you can search ebay, they always have alot of opeth bootlegs up there.
okay, the site is www.epitomeofdarkness.net ....but i guess the guy is updating it all right now or something. but check back there at some point cuz i dl'ed quite a few live vids of opeth from that site, as well as their music videos.
Thank you guys. In fact i have been downloading the Norway '03 show for quite some time now off of Limewire but its not really going anywhere. That is the only live show my search efforts on Limewire have found :erk:
I've been looking just about everywhere to no avail. I will check the site you gave, Feicht, as soon as it isback up an running. Hopefully one of us will strike gold and be able to help distribute because i know every Opeth guru wants it all :D
is there someone cool enough to share the concerts you are talking about?, if any of you would like to share them please tell me/us how to contact you.
Thanks for the suggestions. Although i must admit that i have hit the fucking jackpot! I'm getting 3gb of live video and 1gb of live audio from a kind soul in the Netherlands. I would love to share it with every one of you... but it's not easy to hand out such large amounts of data to a lot of people. As it is, i am sending 7 CDRs and $5 (for return postage) to the Netherlands just to get it myself. And i can't host it anywhere. If any of you are as desperate and hungry as I for live Opeth, then i guess i could do the same as is being done to me. Just dont know how many CDRs i have or how many sets of 7 i can make before i go insane =)
peace :headbang:
I had the bootlegs many months ago. They didn't really please me...

Is a Opeth Live CD planned ?
I've heard about a "Lamentations" CD version...
KennonKun said:

^ Russ has a wealth of Opeth bootlegs, though he tends to lean towards audio as far as preference goes.


^ Those are all the bootlegs I have. None are on my computer, they're all on CDRs and VHS tapes. I'm not too into trading at the moment, but I have quite a few rare Opeth videos, and the common ones I have are of low generation.

That is an extensive collection of live music! :worship:
Hell id want all of the cdrs and tapes you have from at least half of the bands you have :tickled:
But i know thats not possible, and i know burning new disks is a pain in the ass :ill: but mebbe ill have some recordings youd be interested in trading, who knows ;)