Your own Opeth chronology

a mental patient at work with a MAYH tshirt

2003 - someone gave me a mp3 cd containing among others, morningrise and still life. i used morningrise as background music for a couple of weeks until it really sunk in and i started to love it. then i got into still life and realised it's even better :D

late 2003 - visited this forum, it was full of lamentations discussion at the time. i downloaded all the albums and the dvd, joined the forum after some time and opeth became my favourite band

2004 - got still life as a birthday present from my best friend \m/

2005 - ghost reveries was released, i loved it. moved to opethforum along with all the cool ppl from here ;)

late 2005 (i think) - my brother got the gr cd for me

2006-now - still love opeth but i don't listen to them much anymore cos i know all their stuff by heart and there's so much other good music out there. can't wait for the new dvd and album to respark my interest in them and frankly, i think they should release stuff more often :D ..also hoping i'll finally get to see them next year :cry:
2004: We're interviewing a a guy for a teaching position at the high school where I taught. He finds out I like metal (at the time Iron Maiden and Iced Earth are my faves) and recommends Opeth. He describes them as heavy and beautiful, like a metal Moody Blues. I'm intrigued about his description. I later hear Deliverance on a Comcast music channel and am blown away. I immediately rush out to my local Borders and try to decide which disc to purchase: BWP, Deliverance, or Damnation. I decide, without any reason, to get Damnation. As I listen on the way home, I wait for the death vox. And wait. And wait. By the time the disc finishes, I'm in awe. It's not what I expected, but it's still great. So, I decide to go to Amazon to listen to more samples and find a link to eMusic. I join to get 40 free downloads and get BWP, Deliverance, Morningrise (minus Advent and TNATSW which were unavailable for dl at the time), MAYH, and Orchid. I burn them all to a disc, but the program's a bit fucked and the songs are all out of order--but it takes a while for me to realize it! The days before iTunes or an iPod... I go on vacation and listen to that collection of songs almost nonstop, and am completely mesmerized. I am nostalgic for those days... having all of that new Opeth to listen to!

2005: Get Still Life for my B-Day and it slowly becomes my favorite. I play Serenity Painted Death a lot. I try to get my students to listen to Opeth. I'm thrilled as I walk past the student center and hear BWP blaring out of the stereo. My daughter is born. I get Lamentations on DVD, and it's playing in the background as I feed her bottles. Get GR and cannot understand how anyone can be disappointed. Force my wife to listen to it. Join this forum. Listen to a lot of Opeth while grading SAT essays. See Opeth with Nevermore.

2006:Listen to copious amounts of Opeth. Get the GR SE. My daughter seems to like Opeth. My wife is coming around. She loves Damnation at this point. See Opeth with Dark Tranquility, and wife comes along!

2007: Another daughter born, hasn't really heard Opeth yet... First daughter tells me Opeth is scary. :( I still listen to Opeth quite often. I'm retardedly excited for the new album, stoked by Mike's ongoing descriptions of what he's working on. While I'm sad to see members come go, I look forward to hearing what the new line-up will do!
Spring 2003. Dude in high school knows I like Dream Theater so he recommends Opeth, but there was a few problems.

1. This dude really annoyed me and liked a lot of shitty bands like The Strokes etc.
2. I wasnt really into "Extreme" vocals.

He let me borrow Orchid and I didnt really give it a chance.

Two years later in the fall of 2005. I keep hearing about how awesome Opeth is from various sources. By then my tastes in music have broadened quite a bit. I go to Barnes and Noble and sample Ghost Reveries. I heard the awesome clean vocal part on Beneath The Mire and decide to walk next door to Best Buy and purchase GR. Was hooked on the first few spins of the album, and in the weeks following, picked up Deliverance, Blackwater Park and Damnation. Damnation got more spins than the others for a few months. Then I got heavily into BP and Deliverance.

Summer 06. Purchased Morningrise. Blown away, fell in love with TBYF

Fall 06. Bought Still Life of Probably my favorite Opeth album.

Winter 06. Bought My Arms Your Hearse. Got into it but put it down and have recently been absorbing it more.

September 07. Went back and got the album I first heard 4 years ago. Orchid and actually gave it a chance this time. Needless to say, Im glad I did.
2006- A friend recommended Opeth, so I watched youtube videos of live performances of Ghost of Perdition, When and Face of Melinda. A few weeks later, bought Damnation as it was cheap, and I wanted to hear more Opeth. I was unaware it was devoid of any heaviness, but loved it anyway, and thought it was a great album. Few days later bought Blackwater Park, and once again loved it.

Christmas 2006- I ask for a load of CD's, including Opeth's entire back catalogue. My parents and family (very kindly :-D) buy all the CD's on the list, including Orchid, Morningrise, MAYH, Still Life, Deliverance and Ghost Reveries.

Since then, Opeth have become one of my favourite bands, and I am eagerly anticipating the next album.
1996 (or early 1997, can´t remember right now): We did a trip with our school class to a youth hostel near Gothenborg, and during one our our cycling tours (man, I hated this during that time...) I stopped in a little local supermarket where they had a small section with CD´s. I quickly looked all over the (very small) sortiment and then the cover of Morningrise got my attention (If I remember correctly it was one of two or three Metal records :lol:). Interesting picture I thought and the little sticker (not sure if this was on all CD´s? It says something like "66 minutes of finest metal from the swedish gods") made it more interesting. Unfortunately the store hadn´t have a possibility to listen to the CD so I thought I just buy it. Well, back home I gave it a try and first thought "help, Black Metal" (narrow-minded I was, I know)... So I put the CD away and didn´t listen to it for months I believe... later I became addicted to the guys, when it was one evening where I had a small music evening with a friend, and he asked me about that CD, so we put it in the CD Player and it just hit me...

Since that day I may have listened to Opeth´s complete discography maybe a million times :headbang: and enjoyed some unforgettable moments on concerts (one in Hamburg with Mikael without voice so people from the audience entered the stage performing - not that great but funny nevertheless..)

If not the biggest band in the world, still the biggest band in my heart :worship: