I Have Found 4 FULL OPETH Video Bootlegs!


Oct 21, 2002
they are:

Live at the Witchwood Ashton UK 17/6/96
Live at Fou-Founes Montreal Quebec California 4/8/01
Live at the Culture Room Fort Lauderdale Florida 5/12/01
Live at New Mason Jar Pheonix Arizona 17/05/01

Its possible that some of you were at the last three.I doubt anyone here was at the Witchwood show though.


ok,here is the info on how to get them,seems that i cant be bothered to individually pm you all:D

ok,i found these on mirc(d/l it here,if you dont have it www.mirc.com)

Connect to the server "undernet",and then join the channel #metal_videos .

And then put these lines in to the channel:

!S8N[fs] Opeth - 19960617 - Live at the Witchwood - ashton.uk.mpg

!S8N[fs] Opeth - 20010408 - Live at Fou-Founes - montreal.qc.ca.mpg

!S8N[fs] Opeth - 20010512 - Live at the Culture Room - ftl.fl.us.mpg

!S8N[fs] Opeth - 20010517 - Live at New Mason Jar - phx.az.us.mpg

You can only que two of these at a time.And the user you are getting them from is "S8N[fs]".

Originally posted by OpethianSoul
Already have them plus several more, but thanks for the info. I had forgotten about that channel. I think I'll check and see what other stuff some of the servers might have. :)

what other ones do you have??
While your on Undernet, try these other channels as well:


I found some more Opeth video boots, including another incredible show from the Morningrise days.

You have to have a lot of patience though because some of these DCC bots take years to download.
Hey thanks alot man, I was at the Phoenix show. And coincidentally, Im going there again this evening to see Opeth!

thanks again!(I hope get MIRC to work(1st time user here))
Originally posted by OpethianSoul
I also have the Detroit 4-11-01 and Milwaukee 7-28-00 shows, as well as another Morningrise show but I forgot the date. :)

yeah,the same user has the detroit show as well,but its in four parts.and i didnt think that anyone would be interested in it seems that you can only que two vids with this user

do you reckon you could send me the milwaukee show though?