Opeth? SELL OUT??? You Gotta Be Kidding!

Oct 26, 2002
Honestly! Opeth couldn't possibly be a household name...

It's not fathomable!

Could it be?

I walk into a McDonald's...order a Happy Meal and inside is a NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL OPETH 15 CD...the rage of the nation! And on this CD is a collection of Opeth classics remade for the fast food nation!

With a songlist like THIS...

"To Bid Your Hamburger Farewell"
"In Line She Was Standing"
"For Absent Fries"
"Patterns In The McFlurry"
"Face Of Hamburgler"
"Quarter Pounder And The Silent Muncher"

...how can you go wrong???

that's cool...

have you ever read the opeth-pizza chat we had some time ago on the UM hub on dc++???? i can post it somewhere maybe, if no-one has done it yet.
Fries Of October?

Apple Pie Ethereal?


Hey, I tried...btw, we should stop before some elitist asshole shows up and condemns us all as retarded n00bs for having fun with a thread...