Opeth Wallpapers


Oct 21, 2006
I was in the mood of making some Opeth "fan" artwork (which bad fan as I am I have never done :p) and decided to make a couple of wallpapers with the themes of the albums. I did three first, I'll try and make some for the other albums as well.

| | |

Hope you like them (click on the thumbnail for the large image). Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
Can you make 1680x1050 (16:10) of those? I would APPRECIATE IT! :O

I could try and make them that size, but I need to clean up my scanner first :p

Glad you guys liked them. I'll make ones for the rest of the albums too.
Looks really good man.. I'm now wondering which would be my wallpaper.

Any Linux users here ? i'm using Ubuntu 8.10 and i wonder if I can do each screen a different wallpaper (You know.. the option with changing screens)