Opposing Motion releases 2nd album on Lion Music

Oposing Motion

New Metal Member
Feb 12, 2013
Hey guys,

If you are in the market from some tasty prog/power metal, we would love you to check out our new album released last week on Lion Music (Seventh Wonder, Anthriel...): 11 tracks of pure power prog metal that combines technical breaks with killer hooks and melodies. We worked with DGM's Simo Mularoni to shape the sound of the album and it's been hailed by reviewers as of of the best album of the year in the genre....we'd love if you guys checked us out!

Small excerpt from our review on the Sea of Tranquility website:

"...all you prog-metal lovers out there who are looking for the next 'big thing', make sure you don't miss this beast of a band from the Lion Music stable. Virtuoso musicianship abounds (McGurk is a supreme shredder with taste), powerful vocals, complex arrangements, and memorable melodies...all add up to a total winner of an album from this exciting French combo..."

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Couple of links to videos: