Origin II

:lol: Yeah. That was funny. :lol:

In today's paper, he says:

"That's the first time I've ever got in the clear in my career. As you could see, I didn't know what to do once I got out in the open. I looked up and saw Lockyer and thought I'd just try to keep running."

I reckon Danny Nutley deserves a spot on the queensland bench for the next game. He has been doing really well for a poor sharks side this season, and in the last few weeks has made aboiut 4 of those Luke Bailey runs straight up the middle.

He has got to be better than Gee.

Carrol Couldnt hold onto the ball to save his life
yep, ikin should go. Can't kick for shit. QLD were let down big time by kicking. And yeah, they need a proper hooker. They were in slow motion from the beginning of the game!

Bowen was wasted. He was on for less than 20 minutes..... The game was over before that, bennet should have thrown him on earlier. When they needed a spark, he could have done it, but nooooo, he was on the bench!

Watching queensland get flogged makes you realise how good a player darren lockyer is.... Everyone reckons johns is best player, but i reckon lokyer does more and more consistently than johns. Some of the tackles he makes are amazing! Johns has games were he doesn't do piddly squat and everyone raves about how fantastic he played!!!
I've thought for some time that Lockyer is the best in the world. He's a better player, and far more professional than Johns ever will be.
Its not incorrect, players from 50 years ago would never be able to keep up with the speed the game is played at. Johns is the best player the game has yet seen, im sure in the future someone will surpass him, but it wont be for a while.
He isnt. Johns is one of the best goalkickers (75% career average I think), Johns does FAR more defence than Lockyer does, Johns kicking game is the best in the league without a doubt and Johns is far more involved in a game, he handles the ball about 5 times as much as Lockyer, which makes him a target for opposition players 5 times as much as Lockyer. Give Johns the space a fullback gets and he would tear them apart as well...
What's with the ongoing mispronunciation of the word "maroon". They pronounce it to rhyme with Stallone, when it should rhyme with balloon. I cringe every time I hear it like they usually say it.....
Perhaps in Victoria it's pronounced that way, but north of the Murray, the word is pronounced "marone". "Marone" is a colour, "maroon" is what happened to Tom Hanks in Castaway.

It's just like how southerners say "cassle" and NSW and QLDers say "carsle" for the word "castle". :) And you say "pot" and we say "tiny little beer". :p
Saw another kick for touch from a 20 metre restart this afternoon from Andy Farrell in the Wigan v Bradford game which was played on Sunday UK time. Nobody was calling Farrell a genius then either.