Orthodox - Gran Poder


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Jul 24, 2001
The Woodlands
Orthodox – Gran Poder
Southern Lord – SUL69 – January 23, 2007
By Wayward_Son


Orthodox is the latest in a long, boring line of droning, feedback-obsessed bands that think endless repetition and minimalism makes for good music. Gran Poder is the band’s debut album, originally released on Spanish label, Alone Records. Through Southern Lord’s misguided wisdom, Gran Poder now receives a North American release, which includes a cover of Venom’s ’Genocide’.

Maybe this writer does not take the right drugs, or maybe it’s that self-torture seems unattractive, but who would find this type of music pleasing to the ear? It is an honest question. Perhaps this writer has already provided the answer: people who are into drugs and self-torture. There can be no other answer. This writer's fading hope in humanity simply will not accept that an individual, of sound body and mind, would willingly purchase Gran Poder unless that individual enjoys the audial equivalent of an hour-long bowel movement peppered with a bunch of pointless bellowing.

Taking lyrical inspiration from Southern Spanish religious folklore, it would be a treat to find out what Orthodox is trying to tell the listener between the simple two-chords and constant feedback. This writer assumes Gran Poder is suppose to be a deep, moving spiritual experience with loads of atmosphere and mystery played by a bunch of disturbed yobs wearing black cloaks. Unfortunately for Orthodox, variation can go a long way.

This writer will give Orthodox a bit of credit. This is doom metal, after all, and after listening to Gran Poder, suicide seems merciful. However, knowing this writer’s luck, Gran Poder would probably be playing in Hell.

Official Orthodox Website
Official Southern Lord Website
My sentiments exactly. I couldn't take much of this garbage. No doubt some arty-farty type will be lauding its "deep emotion" or some such twaddle...:puke: