[OT] Going to the Roskilde Festival (DK)?


Concert addict
OK, this is off topic since Opeth's not playing there... but we've discussed Hultsfred (SE) so I thought it would be interesting to know if someone's going to Roskilde ( http://www.roskilde-festival.dk ) and what they're looking forward to see etc...

Personally I'm looking forward to see: Apocalyptica (metal on cello, yes!), Beck (got some nice beats), Nick Cave(saw them this spring.. wonderfully), The Cure(interesting to see), Deftones (worth listening to), Bob Dylan(very interesting), Garmarna(great swedish folk), The Haunted(ah..), Mayhem(black metal.. ah... should be interesting to see live too), Placebo (belive it or not... I think it's catchy), Stratovarius (not that I listen to them at home.. but I think they're good live), The Gathering, Tool.