Paul Dianno...The Beast LIVE!!!!

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Apr 13, 2001
Finally got my hands on the new cd from Paul Dianno. It is called The Beast...Live. Basically it is a collection of Maiden songs he has done over the years as a solo performer with his various bands ie: Battlezone, Killers etc. The production varies a little from song to song becasue of the year they were recoreded, but overall the quality is amazing. He still has his "Maiden" voice but he also has a Chuck Billy (Testament) element to these versions. A must have!!!

Track listing is
1. Wrathchild
2. Killers
3. Prowler
4. Murders in the Rue Mourge
5. Women in Uniform
6. Remember Tomorrow
7. Sanctuary
8. Running Free
9. Phantom of the Opera
10. Iron Maiden

If you are a Paul fan, and lets face it everyone should be, track this down asap. It is on the Spitfire Records label. Buy or die!!!

Don't wanna be picky, but all the tracks were recorded during the "Nomad" tour.

And Nomad is a great album in itself. Better even than "The Beast". Also in the buy or die category.
You can picky, but to my ears some songs sound like their are different drummers on it. The sleeve notes say that the idea for this album was conceived during ther Nomad tour, but the songs have been recorded throughout his solo career. Dosen't bother me, at least he didn't stand in Peter Criss' loungeroom sing to a live track and then add audience sounds... hargh hargh hargh.