The Peasant Crippler

New Metal Member
Apr 24, 2016
Greetings everyone, and well-met.

I'm Sir Reginald The Peasant-Crippler, and I am here to promote Distructikon3000 from the future's (our time-traveling A.I overlord) historical medieval-core band.

Please enjoy our latest track, and while you listen; a lengthy summary of our all-powerful leader's road to becoming the most tyrannic drummer.

One hundred and seventy years after the end of the middle ages, Distructikon3000 from the future annihilated all the pagans and enslaved every peasant his scanners could locate.

Intent on forming what they call, six hundred years in the future, a "rock and roll band"; He sought the perfect combination of common folk, noblemen and the Gallant Knights of Olde that he learned so much about in the year 3000.

After finding his perfect combination and waiting six centuries through the eras, Distructikon3000 from the future was ready to debut his long awaited dream of being a part of an ultra realistic and historically accurate rock and roll band:


Medieval-core/Metal/Progressive-renaissance-theatrical-death punk

Sir Reginald The Peasant-crippler - Vocals/Guitar
Heideterich Blaznikov - Vocals/Guitar
Eirikir Skullagrim -Vocals/Bass
Distructikon3000 from the future - Godly Drums