Perla, Icelandic Prog Metal


70's progman
Nov 2, 2007
Hi guys, I just wanted to introduce my band to you.

It's called Perla and plays progressive metal/rock. We are going to release an album the summer of 2008 and I am doing my best to spread the demos around the internet. We have been playing progressive music for 3 years now, 2 years with Perla. We are all around 20 years old, we are all studying music and we all really want people to hear this and give us their view, a review.

Please check it out! :kickass:

Our album, that will be released in both english and icelandic, will be recorded in the USA. We've been in contact with a big name in metal genre to record us, and I must say, it would be an honor. :headbang:

Check us out if you want to hear the progressive metal/rock we make here in the most northern regions of the world! :cool: