Peter and Martin interview!


Jul 6, 2001
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I listened to "Gruvan" on sunday (the program I recommended for swedish people) and they had done an interview in connection to the "Hultsfred" gig... Can you believe it! A sound interview with Peter and Martin Lopez :eek:

Anyway...they talked about their tour this summer and they thought it was a great sucess. They liked the american crowd beacause they were more into the music...They screamed and "danced" alot more than nordic crowds. They mentioned that many people had been upset in Canada beacause Opeths Tour t-shirt said "US Tour" and Canada isnt US offcourse, they should have written "north american tour instead".

The reporter asked them why they dont play so much live. Peter and Martin aswered that they wanted to tour when Still Life came and when MAYH came. But the main reason they didnt was the changing of production company. They said that Music for nations do very much things for them and thats why they toured alot this summer. They also mentioned that Peter and Micke isnt very found of playing live, wich Martin and Martin (was).

Peter said that they should have played in Dynamo but it was cancelled beacause of foot and mouth desease. Now they got Hultsfred and Peter said: "hultsfred feels like an feather in the hat" Peter also said thet he felt very nervous of playing in festivals he had been on before, like this one.

I recorded the interview on tape also! so it will soon be online on my own Opeth site!

I will let you know!