Who Just Listened To The Interview With Peter Lindgren On TOTALROCK?


Oct 21, 2002
I was just flicking through the channels,and switched to totalrock radio and Opeth was on.So i kept on listening,and then after that song the DJ goes,"and now we are joined backstage at the mean fiddler with Peter Lindgren from Opeth":D .

It was a cool interview,mostly all of the usual shit that you've already read online.But they also talked about how the band started working with Steven Wilson and stuff.

I didnt know that there are no original members of Opeth left either.I thought Mikael was a founding member.But Peter said that Opeth was already formed,and Mikael was in a another band.Then Mike's band split up so he joined Opeth.Then shortly after Peter joined,and then the last original member left.And this was around 1989-1992 or something.

You might be able to hear it again if you go to www.totalrock.com i think it was on the Andy King show.
Sounds interesting, didn't know Andy King liked anyone but Tool :D

Maria(Sexto9) and Malcolm Dome (I think) have aired interviews with Opeth in the past.