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Listening to our back catalog of songs we have done - first, as time passes on some of these songs, the more impressed i am with them. During the recording phase, I am so involved in getting my playing and mixing perfect, that I harp more on the problems than enjoying all that went right with a track.

..so its been a while since anybody here recorded anything. Enough time to sit back and analyze and critique a bit.

So my poll question to you all. Of all the IMG songs you have heard (final or karaoke version) to date, which one do you think comes closest to being completely faithful to the original? Not which one do you think we did the best, or you like the most, but which one could most easily be confused with the original that we covered (be it Iron Maiden or whatever..)?

Think about it. Maybe even listen to a few.

I personally feel there are a handful in the running. I won't share my opinion with you all yet. I'd like to hear your thoughts first. I will tell you one that I am particularly proud of that I do NOT think is in the running - that would be Seventh Son. It is one of my favorites, but several factors remind me that it is not the original - such as we lack the equipment to get the uber-smooth mix of the original, the section before the break snapped to a slightly different guitar tone, the keyboards (while great) don't quite sound like the original, etc.

Just thought I'd toss it out there to spark some conversation. Maybe gain some insight. I have always valued your opinions. Sometimes even more than mine. :p ;)
Wow....what a hard choice rabs.....!

My top 5 in order would have to be as follows....as based on ' overall SOUND to the original '

1) Hallowed be thy name..... ( will anything surpass this baby...?? )
2) Where Eagles Dare.... ( rabs...u captured the 'vinatge' vibe on this truly.... i like it....!!!
3) Long Distance Runner.... ( Captured a pretty 'processed' somewhere sound on this and the playing all round is pretty tight so i rate this one.... )
4) Flight of Icarus.... ( Same dael as eagles.... captured a nice tempo'd 'rawish' sound straight from the days of when they recorded this mid eighties....amazing how were at that level just from home..... )
5) ....im gonna leave this one blank i think....it came down to choosing between chemical wedding and killers...!!!!

Killers....great vox for the era once again....sounds 70's too....
Chemical..... hours of retakes to nail this....except for the wrong arrangement in a few spots....sounds pretty fat an heavy...!

Dunno if u boys have heard the finished version of THE CLAIRVOYANT yet....but in terms of sounding like the original....i think once you hear it its gonna be hard to overlook.....
Originally posted by Medsy
Dunno if u boys have heard the finished version of THE CLAIRVOYANT yet....but in terms of sounding like the original....i think once you hear it its gonna be hard to overlook.....

Now that is something I need to hear!! Where about's is it? :)

I'm gonna have to have a think before I answer, it's really hard to choose! :)
Thinking back I was very pleased with Powerslave. Of coarse our live version of The Wicker Man was mixed along with the live version but that does not count.
I believe a close second is Alexander the great. You guys did a hell of a job on this one.
I only wish I had them to listen. Hint EC:lol:
Another song was Seventh Son. A close third.
Shit all our songs were great:lol: but I'll leave those as my top 3 tracks.
This is difficult. I think that Chemical Wedding was really good. Hallowed too. Rabies the middle part of Eagles where you do the solo is really close to the original.
Unfortunately I lost my cd that had most of the IMG tracks on it. I lost Chemical, Wasting love, and a few others. Some of the songs I have now I don't think are the final mix versions.

I don't know how you guys have pulled of some of these songs as closely as you have. With the limitations of sound qaulity and the timing issues that creep in, and the fact that no one is playing together, it's really amazing.

I'll bet that more than a few people have come here and had a listen to some of the tracks and not been too impressed, but what I would say to them is to realize how it's being done. People recording tracks seperately with different sound cards, cpu's, software etc..., musicians from all over the globe. Then taking those individual performances and pasting them into one and coming away with something that sounds as good as a lot of these tracks do! Wow!:D

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