Post your Rapture Radio song requests here.


Oct 30, 2001
Since there is no official thread for this, or if there was it's long gone now, i figured i'd make one. If Rapture doesn't play something that you want to hear, put it here. I personally wouldn't mind more Katatonia, In the Woods..., new Throes of Dawn, Swallow the Sun, Meathook Seed, Falkenbach, Fall of the Leafe, Source of Tide... ehhh i'll stop now. Feel free to add to the list whether it be an entire album or just one song.
Twan I was just looking at the playlist and currently as well as the nads mentioned earlier i also have Maiden,Preist,Metallica (old),Megadth (old),Slayer (old) playing if there is some other older stuff you are interested in hearing just let me know!
I have some In the Woods Qued up as well as an unreleased Katatonia song going into ther playlist,Vanessa and I put a bunch of new music onlast night so Keep your ears peeled for some killer stuff!
Wes, some old names like: Hellhammer, Messiah, Holy Terror, Crossfire, Pestilence, Blessed Death, Venom (old), Sacrifice (first 2 albums), Spazztic Blurr (whole album), Death Angel (1st album) etc etc. Man I can name zillions of bands. :headbang:
Any of these ULTIMATUM tracks would be great to hear on Rapture Radio! :headbang:

Mortal Stomp
Temple of the Spirit
World of Sin
Heart of Metal (demo)