Melodic death/doom/gothic metal


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Oct 2, 2010
Hello, first post here. Please don't be too harsh. ;)

I'm in search of some new bands/artists, and it seems like this would be the place to look. You guys look like you know what you're talking about.

I'm looking for some melodic death, melodic death/doom and some gothic metal I guess (I usually don't like gothic metal, but some of the bands I really like are considered melodic death/gothic or doom/gothic according to metal-archives).

Here's a short list of bands/artists who I think best represent my taste:

Dawn of Solace
Throes of Dawn (excluding their latest)
Katatonia (early and later stuff)
Ghost Brigade
Dekadent (I know they're black metal, and usually I really cant get into black metal, but if you guys can show me anything like this then please do, because I am in love with them)
Black Sun Aeon
Depressed Mode
Before the Dawn
Swallow the Sun - After seeing them a little while ago with Katatonia, I've been in love with this band.
Daylight Dies
October Tide
Mar De Grises

I hope I've gotten across what I'm looking for.

Do you guys think you could help me out?

Before the Rain - ...One Day Less

or try some funeral doom, Mournful Congregation or Thergothon would be closest to this melodic brand of doom/death.
Be'lakor and Barren Earth, and definitely newer Amorphis:


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I think I'll check out some Amorphis. I remember not liking them very much a while ago, but those songs you posted were pretty cool. Same goes for Be'lakor.

I've already been into Barren Earth for a while now, ha. Just didn't put them on the list.

Thanks for the replies guys! Keep it up.
Rapture is okay, but they bore me a little sometimes.
I couldn't get into Anathema.
I tried listening to Novembers Doom a while ago, but they aren't melodic enough for me.
Neither did I like My Dying Bride.

Thank you for suggesting October Tide though, I like them a lot!

I already listen to Swallow the Sun, Be'Lakor, Daylight Dies (I guess I should add them to the list), Katatonia, and Opeth.

Thank you guys for responding though!

Keep the suggestions coming!
I don't mean to bump, but I really liked your suggestions, and I would really appreciate it if more people would recommend.
Keep 'em coming guys!

Nobody mentioned Mar de Grises, and just recently I've found I really like them. Added to the list.
Ahab is very good and very heavy.

Not sure if this is what you're looking for in gothic metal, but I really enjoy Funeral:
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Already into Thurisaz, though I didn't think to group them in with this sort of stuff.

Also, not digging Ahab, but I will give Funeral a chance.

Thanks, you guys are great
I agree regarding someones post with The Morningside. Great band!

Perhaps try some Draconian or Empyrium?