Power Quest....thanks to all!


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Jan 8, 2002
Southampton, UK
Just wanted to stop by and say thanks to everyone who made the Bloodstock weekend such a memorable for one for Power Quest. It was unbelievable to see the reaction of the crowd from the main stage! Awesome!

Thanks to everyone who spoke to us after the show (on both days!) and came along to the signing session as well. You guys rule! Great to see some faces from our shows in London, Bristol and Bradford earlier in the week. Big hail to the guys from Mercury Rain, Intense, fourwayKill and Soliloquy who played with us in the run up to Bloodstock.

Sorry we didn't have a much merchandise as we hoped. Some bastard broke into one of our vehicles in Bradford last Wednesday and took £500 worth of shirts! So if anyone up there offers you any PQ goodies.....give 'em a slap from us! haha!

Thanks again to you all for making the whole thing so unforgettable for us

Steve W
(PQ keys)

I'm the guy in the signing session who was telling you how I got lost in the Peak District and walked in during the chorus Power Quest and was hugely impressed, and you told me how once it took an hour to get out of London after a gig. And then you recognised me the next day... I think. Remember me? :wave:

Keep up the good work, man.
im the guy who's ticket you signed when you asked me where the exit was...

your show was amazing guys thanks alot
Yep, well done. I have to admit, I've always considered you to be a somewhat poor relation to Dragonforce. However, with a stunning performance Underworld on Monday, and an even better one at Bloodstock, that opinion's changed, and you were definitely the better band over the weekend. Nice to be able to see you at Bloodstock, too, rather than being hidden away in a corner as you were at The Underworld. You were just edged out by Blaze for band of the day on Friday IMHO, but then I'm running out of superlatives to describe Blaze's live shows. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Are you sure you won't be able to assemble the band for the Dream Evil/Falconer gig? I mean, a 20 quid easyjet flight from Italy can't be that hard to arrange :)
Thanks guys. I'm really made up that you all enjoyed the show so much. The guys can't wait to do it all again!

PopcornDave...yes mate I remember you!

Tet....nice one mate! I'm afraid the Dream Evil show isn't quite possible for us this time but I think me, Steve Scott and possibly Gav will be there as punters. Should be fun!
Gah, there's a guy at my new job called Steve Williams, he must be a supervisor or something because his name keeps getting called out over the tannoy and EVERY TIME I HEAR IT I look up and think "it can't be!" and realise that I was right - it wasn't. :rolleyes:
I also really enjoyed Power Quest, they were such a relief after Fifth Man Down (I'm not saying Fifth Man Down suck, i just don't like that sort of music). "Wings of Forever", "Far Away" and what I think was (tho I could be wrong) "Power Quest part 1" were all excellent.

I met a couple of the guys on the Saturday as well, they were with Herman from Dragonforce out in the main foyer during the Saracen set. I was the 6' tall guy with the bandana and sleavleless green Elvenking T-shirt.

Hope to see Power Quest again soon. They rock!

Power Quest were superb at the Underworld and Bloodstock, thanks for the pictures and chat by the waterfall on Saturday morning.
Well I have to say that I was won over by Power Quest. They did good all week and I could ahve gladly watched more shows as they just got better with each one.

Hope you come back next year and then I can do it all over again :hotjump: