Priest's DVD

I read a little somewhere about the Judas Priest DVD.

Any idea if it will be released in Australian format and where I might find it ???
Metallica - Metallica a classic album?! It's shithouse!!

*Rob sits back and waits for flames hurtled his way*

I read the review in my local Street Mag "Rip It Up". They are released thru Warner Vision, at 39.95 each. The Priest one looks better value for money at 110 Min, compered to 50 min for the Metallica DVD. There mus be a series under the title Classic Albums, so there might be more coming out in the near future.

Just ask at your local Record store they should be able to tell you if they have been released or when they are due.
Yep there is a series, they did Bat out of Hell, The Joshua tree, electric ladyland (i think thats what its called) by hendrix, some album by genesis or phil collins and something by the who, some others too, I cante remember what they are though.
Dont know if these are part of the same series though.
I want to see some made on Rust in Piece and about 6 maiden album ones :)
Is this the same "Classic Albums" series that SBS showed bits of a few years ago? They've been doing a great job with music docos in recent times, with "Sounds of the 60s/70s" and "Rock Family Trees", to which I am indebted for introducing me to Sabbath.

I think so...Im not sure I dont really know I guess. It might be though, if its not its probably something else though.
Hope I helped, yours sincerely, Spawny. :D