Pro Tools 8...for those of you who care.


Protools Guru
Mar 21, 2006
Kelowna, B.C. Canada
Just wanted to post and say I picked up PT8 LE yesterday. I've been using it non stop since then on some pretty intense's my findings.

1. First off...and I can't believe I'm going to say this, it's really solid. I havn't had one hiccup or one crash or one spinning beach ball of death.

2. The new plugins, while not amazing, are pretty cool. Same goes for the included instruments.

3. The new playlist comping tool is....amazing. It's the one feature I was super jealous about logic users having.

4. Midi matrix window is a godsend, finally digi did something right.

5. INstalling was long, but it all worked and didn't have to fuss around at all.

Hope some of you are getting it and will have such an easy install as I did!
The track count without the toolkit tops out at 48 tracks.

I am glad to hear that you like it. It was one hell of a long process getting it into its current state for us beta testers.
wow... no bugs yet? I was gonna wait till they came out with 8.1 to buy it (i hate being software companies guinea pigs for free). that expanded track count might be enough to make me buy 8.0 anyways if there's relatively few bugs
I look forward to checking it out when I track freelance, but I likely won't be making the upgrade for some time. Has there been any improvement to the Elastic Audio engine? Would love for it to be usable for more intensive drum editing.
Uhm...I noticed that M-Audio interfaces don't include a copy of protools....I was shure they included a copy (at least some years ago). So...if you wanna use protools M with M-Audio you have to buy also protools m-powered (300€)....and finally you have the price of a used digi interface with protools LE included..
.... uhm well yes, anyway you had to do it a lot of time ago actually lol
7.1 is just better than 6.9 and of course 7.4 is step up, 8 is the way to go now.

6.x still works. I got an old mix plus system with a couple of 888s which I use for tracking and then transfer the sessions to my laptop for editing and mixing. I had 2 farm cards on that mix plus system...and my new macbook pro was rough 25-45% more brutal.