Question About The Grinder Reissues


Apr 9, 2011
This is kind of a dumb question that I think I've asked indirectly before but wanted to clarify:

I have both of your Grinder reissues, and wanted to know if the bonus tracks between both albums make up "The 1st EP" and "Nothing Is Sacred". More specifically, on Dawn of the Living, tracks 11-13 are from The 1st EP, and tracks 14-17 are from Nothing Is Sacred, while on Dead End, tracks 10-12 are from The 1st EP and tracks 13-18 are the remainder of Nothing Is Sacred. Is this accurate? If so, where is track 10 (the live song) on Dawn of the Living from?

I'm not the best with bonus tracks; since I wasn't around in the 80s it's mostly just about hearing the original albums for me, but I never realized that these two reissues appear to combine to form Nothing Is Sacred. I mostly only notice those things when all of the bonus tracks are on one CD.
Traitor is the live track from DFTL original release. The other 3 live tracks are from the 1st EP.

But yes, the bonus tracks make up The 1st EP and NIS. For various reasons the band wanted to do it this way.
Awesome! Thanks for clarifying! I feel really dumb for missing the fact that I've had another album + EP ever since the DFTL reissue came out :p