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Mar 22, 2006
Being that there's not a tremendious amount of people who know of Katatonia here in the USA, much less Memphis, Tennessee where I am from, What are some ways to help get the word out about the band? Is it cool to drop off the My Twin EP to a local radio station to see about getting some air time or is that something that must happen with the record company? Also do you guys have any type of fliers that your using in Europe to promote the album that I could copy and hand out? You guys are my favorite band and the only way I actually found out about Katatonia was through a Cable-TV channel called Music Choice, which has a metal channel in which they played Disposession off the LFDGD album. If you were to walk into a local Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, or other retail giant, you would never find any Katatonia. Most smaller record stores do not stock any of the albums either and have only seen LFDGD in an F.Y.E. record shop in our local mall. I know that Memphis does not have a huge metal following, and for the most part people still think Korn is metal here in Memphis, but there are some people who know true metal in all its forms and are loyal. It would be my honor to let everyone know about you guys that I can, however I just don't have the means to always get the word out because of college. Anyways, if there is anything I CAN do, please let me know. Thanks and good luck to you guys and congrats on the new album. Can't wait to hear in on April 4th.

Dislaced Truth
Whenever I DJ at the club I work, I ALWAYS wear a Katatonia shirt and always play one or two tracks. Katatonia are also in my Top 8 Myspace Friends List. Small, but it helps.
Awesome! Good luck getting the word out. I've played Katatonia to some of my friends. They acknowledge it as good, but wouldnt go out of their way to hear it. I put Sweet Nurse on a mix CD for a friend and they had it stuck in their head, so I guess it's a start. I should probably move Katatonia into my Top 8 on Myspace as well. I also have a Tonight's Decision shirt, but I don't if that helps any.
I am in no way saying Katatonia has a radio sound, but I'm pretty sure if they were marketed right in America they could be big. There's a local show around here that plays Undergound stuff but only on Sunday nights, I'm pretty sure I can call in and get them some play.
Mr12000 said:
I should probably move Katatonia into my Top 8 on Myspace as well. I also have a Tonight's Decision shirt, but I don't if that helps any.
I don't know if it helps out at all or not, but I also have Katatonia in my top 8 on myspace, and I've got the My Twin video up there as well. I also wear the shirts as often as possible. Was asked about one and had a very brief discussion about Katatonia, Diabolical Masquerade and Bloodbath with a long haired security guard at Heathrow Airport while being frisked :lol:
man i don't even have myspace. I think My Twin would work as far as air play on the radio...but probably nothing else..but at least u know if people enjoyed that song, then they would enjoy the others, just because the music on this album and all the others are so very powerful and moving.
hmmm, well katatonia are gettin a bit more popular in USA and Mexico, when i used to live in the border with Texas (a bloody town named Nuevo Laredo) it was relatively easy to get Katatonia's cd in best buy or hmmm music world or any main music retailer, however the prices were not really affordable, Yup i paid like 44 dlls for the very common century media BMD, it was worth it tho and ive got the best of it outta that cd. And well i do promote Katatonia too, i wear my kata t shirts at least once a week (hehe its funny ppl look weird at me cuz they think i have no other topic i got my black on black t shirt a week ago so hawt)... man its hard to get ppl to like music thats not out there on TV or radio tho... so sad how sheeply ppl are... to be honest the only hope i see here in Canada for Katatonia to get known is them touring with Opeth, cuz they are stron in here rite now... i dont think that will ever happen. oh man ive ranted to much for today lol.
I can see more than just My Twin on the radio... stuff like Deliberation, July, Tonight's Music, Teargas, even For My Demons would probably be snapped up by many people.