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Aug 26, 2011
Unfortunately the sad news, spreading the web pretty fast during the last hours, are true, here is the official confirmation from the band, which was quickly posted to keep the fans updated, whilst on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise with only limited web access.

"To friends and fans of Mark Reale and Riot,
We are deeply saddened to confirm that Mark has lost his battle with a lifelong illness.
Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated by Mark's family, friends, and bandmates at this difficult time."

R.I.P. Mark, you surely will be missed!
I'm so sad right now. It's the first thing I've read this morning, and this news to me (and obviously to all the fans of this AMAZING guitarist) is terribly bad. Shine on Mark, see you soon.
What horrible news to wake up to. Terribly saddened to hear this.

Mr. Reale had a big part in creating one of my favorite albums of all time (Thundersteel). I hope he's creating some more amazing music for the big man upstairs, and in peace and without pain.

For the band, keep strong fellas, and I'm sure you'll do what feels best in his honor.
Just can't believe it. Not only saddens the passing of a good person, it saddens me more that happened after the release of a fantastic album.

Aptly title Immortal Soul, will be the swan song for Mark always to be remembered.

Very sad indeed......but what wonderful sonic memories those who didn't know him personally will always have. I always take that as solace and think of how an artist lives on in their work.
R.I.P. Mark Reale. I have been enjoying his music since 1977. And I hoped that with 'Immortal Soul' his perseverance would finally pay off. I am sad to see that this did not happen.
Mark Reale/Riot Sunday Tribute 1/29 on KNAC.COM with djwill


Warrior, Rock City, Road Racin, Narita, Swords, Fire, Hard Lovin Man, Loanshark and a new song form the latest release "Immortal Soul" That's 35 Minutes of solid uninterrupted rock n roll if you ask me...

10am on Sunday will be sad yet enjoyable to re-introduce these songs to the young ones listening.

I couldn't post until today...[very sad]...I will treasure the memories i have about Mark forever,not only the music but the times we spoke via telephone and the one time we met backstage at the Newport music hall in Columbus,Ohio on the Restless Breed tour.He made me comfortable in a setting of rockers and me being a shy young kid.When Riot was getting ready to leave on the bus I asked Mark where they were heading next and he shyly said Toledo...i said good luck and he thanked me for being a fan and supporting the Mighty Riot and coming to the show.God bless you!
I still can't believe it. I wish i could of seen him with Riot on tour, but alas, i became a fan too late(around 5 years ago). I'm always amazed going from Restless Breed to Nightrbreaker, how totally different he sounds. But they are both awesome.
I was hoping he was going to pull through, but it was not to be. RIP Mark, Gone but not forgotten.