Metalhead O' Bacon

New Metal Member
Dec 21, 2015
Hello community! I am a new member of this site, and by the looks of it, it is pure quality and friendly. So my first question would be: Is there any mobile application or website that searches and bundles up a queue consisting of completely random metal songs. I really like discovering awesome music, and I have been using a community on Google+ so far. But is there any site that just picks random songs and gives you a streaming or a YouTube link? Help is apprechiated!
Also metal radio stations like on XFM or Cable.

I prefer to actively seek metal then have it chosen for me though

Same here. I seem to find myself looking for the next best thing. Pandora is ok, Spotify is a little better at predicting what you like. I check out metal communities and sites to see what is currently spinning and test out the tunes through youtube and samples from iTunes.

Always keep an open mind to anything that is gaining attention no matter how stupid the band logo or name is.:rofl: