Ray is out?


Feb 12, 2012
I realize this forum is completely dead but thought I'd see if anyone lurks like me and knows anything more than Ray is not the singer anymore and Tom Englund is. Can't find anything more than that. What happened?
Hey Bones, sorry for the delayed response!

You have probably seen by now that yes, Tom Englund is our new vocalist. We have a new record coming out on July 24, and have two more videos that will be released before that date to go along with the first release, Little Men, which you can find here:

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Oh wow! Hey Nick. Thanks a lot for the post. Great song! Just pre-ordered the CD. Need me some new Redemption. Still the coolest thing to see my name in the credits of Live From The Pit. I've had some friends look at me like, yeah, you have a pretty common name. The autographed pic seems to win them over. LOL.