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I am looking for CD's in good to mint condition. Will consider fair condition
on some of my want list items. I have a few CD's to trade as well. All my CD's
are in near Mint Condition and when I say this I also mean the jewel Cases and
Inserts. When i ask what condition your CD's are in please let me know about
the total package not just the CD it self.
I prefer trades in the U.S., Canada and W. Europe for the most part. All trades
to Europe will be with out Jewel Cases. Make any offer even if it's not on my
want list. The trade list is me and my nephew's and he has different wants. We
will consider any trades offered. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure
your CD gets to you with out damage. If a CD gets broke, I will take a cash
payment for my CD at fair vaule of $8.00 for any CD not out of print or rare.
If my CD breaks or is damaged on the way to you i will offer the same unless
otherwise aggreed to.
In general i will reverse a trade if the reasons are rational and valid. I
don't send Home CDr's and do not accept Home CDr's in trade for pressed
original copies by record labels. Don't send me CDR's. Hole Punch/promo CD's
are ok as long as you declare them first. I HATE DIGI PAKCS, DECLARE THEM
FIRST! And make sure to maintain E-mail contact and respond. Some people just
give me their addy and stop reading mail after the trade is locked in. **IF** I
have follow up questions that go unanswered I tend to hold the CD till i get
word. If you do not have at least three references YOU will have to send your
CD first. NO exceptions. I have over eleven. (Special Note: I am looking for a
promo/sleve only CD of Immolation Close to a world below. The one I had was
damaged in transit so I need the CD to replace it as I got the inserts with no
CD. I am looking to pick this up cheap. ) Reminder. One CD is about 4 ounces
w/jewel case and US postal rates is Roughly one stamp per ounce.