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Apr 16, 2001
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I gotta find out if its only me..

You guys ever have one of those recording sessions, where the first time you lay down a track is the best? ..but its not quite what you want, so you keep trying, and the more you try the worse the takes get?

I've been practicing the dual bending Murders Guitar solo. I can play it pretty much in my sleep now. So I go to record it...first take pretty good. But one of the bend notes I got a bit sharp on. So I record again...this time I flub a note...third time..flub two notes....and on and on it goes..and after 1/2 hour to an hour...not only can I NOT get a take without flubs, I notice I cannot even play the run in the middle at speed without my fingers fumbling everywhere like I just learned to play guitar.

What gives?

:eek: :(
Yeah, I can definitely relate.
I get nervous when I record and if I don't keep it in check I can't play anything right.
I find that if I am able to relax, I'll get a better take, but if there is a part that I really want perfect, I'll usually flub it every time.

You might just be trying too hard. :)
Hell yeah, I can relate. The best I think is to stop recording for a few hours, doing something comletely different, then try again.
Yeah Hyde, pressing that record button is never good for your playing he he, I also tend to get nervous and I hate myself for it cuz I get too careful, not hitting the strings as hard as I should.
I can only imagine what I would be like in a pro studio..with an Engineer there watching you evertime the record button goes on. I am bad enough when it is just me and my computer!

I had this kind of problem when I was recording that bass track for I've got... I would play the tune just to warm up my fingers and to make sure I'm playing it right, and everything would go great. But immediately after pushing the button it was like I never even knew the damn song.
Happens to me all the time Rabs. Very often I really can only "get into" a tune for a few takes. After that I get way too mechanical and start making mistakes. Or I'll just get kinda bored and start wandering too far from the original bass line, usually with some pretty silly "doodling" thrown in. :lol:
Everytime I hit the Record button, I go brain dead. I can play the song but when I hit the botton, it's over.

Nothing worse then being in the middle of the song, say around 4:00 mark, and screwing up.:cry:

I wish we had the luxury of being in a studio, we could edit out takes.

Most of our recordings are only 1 take. Perhaps it's made us better musicians.:cool:

take care
I know what you mean. Ive been sitting down to do Number of the Beast every day this week and I keep stuffing up something. Its driving me nuts. I'll have another go today and pray I get the track I want :D

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