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Apr 16, 2001
Maryland USA
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Medsy: I finally got around to working on Tame last night. About the latest Tame Intro file you mailed me (sent on 5/18)...its not a full take. You play about 20 seconds, flub a couple notes and stop! :D

I can use it if you want.... :p Otherwise, I'll wait for you to resend the part. Sorry this part has been such a pain in the arse!

Adde: I just thought you would be interested in where I am with Tame. Plus, I tried playing some last night (in hopes to record I've Got The Fire Stuff), but something was wrong with my gear....It sounded all wrong on my normal POD I could not match the tone on the original rhythm track I mailed you. =( I'll keep trying. I am thinking my son got his hands on it or something while I was gone and something is out of whack.
Ok , Rabs I hear ya, cant trust thoose damn kids I know... ;) :)
It`s up to you what you wanna do but I`m quite sure about the that troubble on Got the fire..
About the bass then, what now, should we let the bass part out to somebode else..or..? Eddy what you think?
aaaarrrrgghhh....sorry rabs dude...... i cant believe im still stuck on this intro.....its a pretty straight forward part....

Ill have a final look and see if i can find the sucker...send it over in the next 24 hours....if it still doesnt work....just use the original and try and cut and move it lil into sync more..... i guess im/were just gonna have to live with it..... totally my fault..sorry lads....

Hopefully ill find the latest track...seemed to fit perfect when i recorded it.....

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