To Tame A Land


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Apr 16, 2001
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Thought I would go ahead and start this 'work related' thread over here on this new board. I also posted a summary over on the old board - just in case its only me and MM over here for awhile! ;)

Adde, I posted a 2nd 'preview' mix of To tame A Land up on myplay. It has everything you guys have sent in to date with everything at about the right level and with the panning I will probably use in the final version. Please have a listen. Much better job on the new track mate....except whats that awful sound you make at the end of the harmony part? :confused:

Have a listen, let me know. board!

Rabs, just listened to the mix. It`s sounds pretty good I think! My solo were to loud though I belive. About that noise on the last`s to be removed, the last note on that melody is only played by Medsy who starts his ending bit by his own on that note so just remove it.. The fast picking part in the the guitar and bass doing the same thing there, does it sound good? it`s hard for me to hear really with my guitar mixed so dominant. About that hanging chords in the middle part, my guitar hangs a lot longer that Medsys, maybee that could be easily adjusted...?

I`m still not sure if I shall re record that solo...

ok, that`s all for now :)
Adde, I mixed the track down to 96k...apparantly, that screwed everything up. I should have listened to it before posting. Thats not the way the mix sounds. Your guitars are cutting through loud (everything else must have been hacked some by the quality drop). I'll reconvert tonight at 128 so you get a better idea.

I'll whack the end problem there. I planned to do that anyway...and regarding other minor details...remember, this was just a 'raw' mix of all tracks you guys sent in with levels adjusted. There is still MUCH work to be done for the final mix. But keep the suggestions coming! :D
Whoa...... cool preview mix rabs...... its gonna sound pretty farkin wild when its done.....

My thoughts gonna have to re-do the intro.....still a pretty way out there....ill have a go at modifying my solo as well....try to cut out the clips and paste a few notes....ive done it before and youll hardly be able to tell in the mix.......once again....ill get to it asap......

Also.... where is the clean guitar chords at the start at ending....??? Its just me and const....there should be another clean guitar there..... if u cant be farked recording them adds....i have em already done.... and can just send em seperate when i re-send the lead work.....let me know.....theyre very subtle but it just fills the spectrum...

Im not gonna send the bass/guitar dub part after the quiet section now....i thought you handled it well ill just leave as it.......

Was a pretty cool solo as well adds....fully rocked dude....but sounded like the very last note that hanged into the next section didnt quite fit.... imo anyway....but i can live with it.......Same as the last note of harmony like you guys have already mentioned......

Other than that,.,.....sounds mega......

BTW.....IM HERE TOO..... cool new board..... think ill call this home..... :)
Hi Meds! The mix is kinda cool but Rabies did promise a better one soon with the levels of the instruments better adjusted. I`m on my way recording thoose chords for the intro and ending parts, dont worry about it :) I think my last note on the solo is an E so it should fit.....well that`s theory for ya.. ;) I think it sounds ok though. It`s up to you if you wanna do that middle fast thing, could beef up the sound a bit...well I dont know...

bye for now
Ok, here is story Adde, I just listened to the 96bit mixdown again. Its not bad. Certainly not what I would release final - please keep in mind I have done almost no its very, very raw for me. But you guys already knew that. :p

Your solo was mixed a tad loud, that will be fixed. The 'Hanging' notes in the middle, you know you are mixed left channel in the mix right? It sounded to me like Medsy's guitars hung longer than yours. Maybe that is what you meant? I can fix it in the end so they fade about the same time. We shall see.

Finally, the bass/guitar duet that you talked about. I learned that its not really that your guitar was loud, its that the bass takes a SERIOUS hit in volume there. As I said, I have not worked with any volume envelopes/compression when I mixed it, I mixed the bass overall so it would fit. That particular section needs a serious boost in bass volume.

I didn't have time to start mastering the bass (and I want to wait for all tracks), so I went ahead and adjusted the levels so THAT section was in check. But the rest of the tune was painful to listen to like that. So I just mixed that section and put the clip up on myplay.

I also turned the rhythm guitars down there a bit. That way you can really hear how your part and the bass line gel there. Ultimately, its up to you if you are happy with what you recorded, so I leave that decision up to you. :)

Up on myplay called 'To Tame A Land (Clip).mp3'
Hmm...I`m almost sure it`s my guitar that hung the longest in that middle part, however that doesn`t matter just as long as they get syncronized.

Well, the guitar and bass is a bit off in sync in that fast part, especially in the beginning..I dont think it`s good enough for the final mix....hmmm..but that`s about as good as I can do for now I think...Maybee you can try to replace my guitar with Medsys there and see if the result becomes better....otherwise we`ll have to work on it the bass perfect on this part..maybee Constantine can have a listen too... oh well...
Let me listen to it more closely tomorrow when I get some time. I'll let you know.

The volume is no problem, I will run compression on your track to even it out - and probably draw volume envelopes for more problematic areas.

Ok...I worked on the mix for about an hour. Mainly leveling bass volume out..but I still have work there. I also added in Adde's flavor chords at the end and beginning. I think the levels are pretty good (bass may get off here and there)..let me know. The main thing I want to work on now is getting the reverb to sound consistant accross all the instruments...its a huge hodge-podge now.

7th - This mix should be good enough for you to start laying your tracks over. If not, let me know. :)

Constantine - Take a listen at the section again, and let me know if you think its ok. Its up to you if you can swing the time to re-record. You are so busy and wanted for other may just want to let this one go. :eek: up to you. I don't think it sounds bad at all.

Adde - I didn't noise reduce your chord track - yet. That will eventually be done.

Medsy - Still waiting on your tracks mate.

MaidenMan - Uhh....nothing for you...except - you rock dude!

Lets get this one done!

Oh...I attached a screen shot of the mixing board. Why? cause I can! :p
It`s a cool mix Rabies, it`s beginning to sound like a full song now! :) And wow, do we sound good on that last harmony or what!! :D

However..a few things...I think we must work a bit moore on that middle part, Constantine..let us know if you`ll record it again..

..and, there`s a lot of string noise or other buzzing during the beginning of my solo when I do that open string stuff. I didn`t think it cut through so much on your last mixdown Rabies, did you do something with it last time that you didn`t do now....? I know it was in there from the beginning but I think it was reduced in the last mixdown...well I`m not think it`s possible to do some noise reduction only on that part Rabs..? Medsys solo is really cool I think, only thoose clipping sounds that are a bit annoying..

All in all, it`s cool, and I think it will be great in the end :)
ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH........ DAMN......!!!! :(

Im having such a hard time on this intro...... im still having timing conflicts between drums and bass....( i had to slide the bass in sync when i first got it...) ... and my new recorded intro......

So...... i agree its time to finish i spent a while trying to re-record the intro but to no avail..... so the best solution is this.....

If u can help me out here rabs....i know its time consuming...but i need a mixdown of the final versions JUST the intro section without my lead i can open it up as syncing needed....and record my solo to the mix we have now.....that way itll match with the bass and drum sync you already have for the final mix.....Then ill send just the intro solo dry and u can blend it in.,.....

Youll find ive just sent you the original solo file which is the master take dry..... maybe u can just edit those couple of clips and mix/sync it back in...saves me re-recording the form in at the never come close to drilling that solo again.... ;)

....ive also included the original rythym for the bass/guitar duet thingy if u want to use it......

Soooooooo....once u have those two files....all i need to do is the intro with the final mix as the reference.....

Ill do it as soon as i recieve it...and my parts are done...


Adde - I didn't touch your solo the first time mate. I may have added reverb this time around...which may explain why string noise is more prevalent. I'll double check. You guys let me know on the middle part.

Medsy - I got the two tracks. I'll work with them. I'll also send you a version without the intro bit...when I can. I'm not going to get a chance to do it expect it in a couple days...sorry mate.
Ok man, I really like the sound of the rest of the solo, maybee it`s possible to remove the reverb just on the open string part and keep it on the rest. Or will that sound funny you think......:confused: :) :)
geez bloody hell rabs........ with the speed ive been travellin at lately...a couple of days is a lightning fast response...... ;)

Take your time time dude...... and all the help most appreciated.....!

While im here...i think its gonna be a safer bet if we just wait for const to record seventh son part 2 bass.... then we can just use that as the reference.... so sorry const....your on your own there.... good luck though dude.....youll need it....!!!!! :)