To Tame A Land

Yea..I've recently started having problems with your tracks and timing issues. Are you doing something different on your end? I had no problems at all during Hallowed.

7th son is even worse...

Let me know on the intro.
Can`t we just keep the first recording of that intro? I thought it sounded good, and it`s totally compatible with the sound on the outtro riff(wich is the same) :)
yeah it must be my end....... i think im using a bad converter...was n-track for hallowed..then i changed....!!!

Ive just downloaded musicmatch....since you guys highly recomended ill re compress the intro part using that....and see how it sounds once you add some reverb on it....if still no good...just use the old one....!!!

Do u still need any 7th son parts re-sent rabs...??? I cant remember...!!

Medsy, for some reason the start of Infinite Dreams didn't work properly on my speakers but work on my headphones. Its happened a few times with some of the others you have encoded to mp3. Maybe this new program will help :)
Meds: Yea..I need all your 7th stuff again. Sorry mate. I dunno what your converter did..but it screwed stuff up everywhere. =(

I use N-track to mixdown to .wav...listen to make sure its ok, then use MusicMatch to convert to 128 MP3......I usually don't listen after I convert to .mp3...though I should....often it does not sound quite the same in .wav and .mp3. :cry:

If you want to do me a huge favor, recompress your intro AND outro track into one..and send that. Easier on me during mixing (less tracks to work with). I already have it split that way to make sure those two parts get the same effects/etc anyway.

thanks man.
We must finish this one up soon I think, getting out a final instrumental mix at least. What to do with that intro, what version of Medsys recordings should we use there, are there moore than that to fix on this one? :)
Yea..the instrumental not being done is totally my fault. I plan to remedy that this week.

The only thing that stand out in my mind was the intro/outra. I have several versions from Medsy, I have to figure out which one was the latest and decide once and for all which one I am going to use and with what effects.

I will not be able to fix the solo's anymore than I have. Maybe down the road when I get better with all these tools, I will be able to do more, but right now, I have hit my limit! =(

Expect a karaoke candidate release sometime soon. I promise.
God damn I forgot to leave some comments on this new instrumental mix by you Rabies. I think it`s good over all, as good as it could be I guess after niether me and Medsy contributed with our best of playing...... Credits to you Rabs for making the best of it anyway :) Any vox for this one in progress?
The instrumental mix is up on Viruse`s FTP.