To Tame A Land


Listened to it lasst night AND mixed it in. You and constantine match near perfect now. Sounds much tighter! I am getting Medsy's recording later today..and when I mix that in, I'll put up a new previex with those parts.

I also added reverb to Adde's rhythm track..and boom...the levels on the guitars now match perfect (I think). Then I just need to work on trying to clean up the solo's (If I can)....and then start getting creative with 'sound effects' in the begining. I wanted to try to mimic what maiden did in the intro..but I have no idea how they made that 'looming/booming' sound. =( Anybody got any ideas?

Medsy: I may start a official 7th son thread over here so we can talk about that. As for other projects, Chemical Wedding does need a guitar and bass volunteer. The Tower is actually played in normal tuning.
Coolness, I look forward to hear it man! I think it will be great in the end!

Remember I sent you some sound effects long ago, maybee you can find something useful there....I`ll look around some moore too..I have no idea how the original sound is made....

Glad that middle section is tight(almost at least) now, puh... :)
I'm thinking about using the effects you gave a bit before the song and maybe during the intro...

What I am looking for now is those effects Maiden uses in the Heavy part of the intro (after distorted guitars start in). I am clueless as to how they got that sound...and I have no good ideas on how to re-create it. :confused: But I am just repeating myself now..I think you already knew what i meant.. :p
Isn`t it some kind of bell, like thoose fat guys in the movies pound on with a big stick with some ball at the end. Like a big golden plate hanging in strings...very midevil or temple-like.....I feel I might not make much sense now....:confused: :) :)

I didn't want to give out the bad news. Remember how I hosed N-track and my N-track plug ins? Well, I re-installed it fresh, and the plug ins fresh...and it all works peachy keen. Unfortnately, either the new plug ins or the program is incompatible with ntrack files saved in an older version. I am pretty sure its the plug-ins. So basically I tried to open my working mix of To Tame A Land and it promptly bombed.

What does this mean? It means I have to start the mixnig process for this, and 1 U LUV all over again. :( I will try to get to them tonight. I guess it is all on me right I have all the parts...DOH! :cry:
Ohh wow, that sur does suck..:cry: Well, what can I say, it`s just plain bad luck but I hope you`re still up for the job, we really need you on this one......

On a positive note, we have one moore thing for our "tips and trix" section: Dont fuck with your programs while you`re in the middle of a mixing process! :D ;)
Ok. I got N-track working, and managed to salvage 90% of my work on this song.

About 3 minutes after the post time on this message...a new Tame preview Mix should be on myplay in MMs locker.

I am going to call this "Karaoke Candidate Mix 1". It has everything...and I have done all the work on the tracks I think I am going to do. I may still play with trying to get the clicks out of Medsy's solo...and I may experiment more with the effects on his track for the intro and ending...but thats about it - well..unless you guys have some ideas.

From here, I'll work on incorporating and miscellaneous sound effects into the track - if any.

7th. If you would be kind enough to use this track to record your vocals to....and send it up whenever man!
Hi, as you said rabies, the guitars blend in much better now with some reverb on my guitar, the overall sound is great I think :)

Some comments:

1. Wow, it sounds bad around 1.17-1.19 into the song, is it my guitar that is totally off there:eek:

2. I think Medsys guitar, the one that carries the main tune on the melodies starting at 1. 37 and 2.19 could be a bit higher in the mix.

3. I actually thing that Medsys first recording on the intro sounded better than the one on this version, both the tightness and the sound was better, I may be deaf, but I think so when comparing.

4. On that middle fast picking part, I guess my fingers went weak after a while so I played it without much strenght in the end it seems, it sounds that my guitar almost fades away the last 3 or 2 rounds, is it possible to strenghten the sound of the guitar a bit there? Totally my bad.

5. The overall volume level is a bit low I think, I have to turn up the volume on my hi fi very high to hear the song.

That`s all :)
Thanks Adde. I value your input. Your flight mix showed me that you have a great ear for mixing. :)

Here are my answers to your comments:

1. :confused: Huh? I don't know what you mean. YOu mean the guitars don't play well together or something?

2. You are right. It sounded perfect in .wav....converting must have chopped some volume on his track or something. Will raise a db or 2. :D

3. I'll wait for Medsy's comments on that one. I tried to re-create the effects he used on his first one...but failed. Everything I tried ended up sounding I just went with a fairly dry one. This is why I made teh comment in my post that I still want to work on this part.

4. I'll see what I can do. :)

5. I am aware of this. Since this is still a rough mix, it has not gone through any post production work...a major part of that is setting the volume of the entire track. I work with the track fairly low to make sure I get NO clipping.
Ok, Rabies, I think we`re thinking pretty much the same things about the stuff on this track. We`ll wait for Medsys commnents too. Ohh, i might be wrong when I`m hearing it`s not tight at that part on the verse, I might just have imagined it I dont know :)
yeah im still here adds...... its just that i STILL cant access ANY accounts on myplay....not even the one i created for myself.....!!!!:( :(

So thats really farkin me up...i cant download anything on there and im dying to hear this mix...and women in uniform...and everything bloody else that may be up there......!!!!!

Ive tried deleted temp files...deleting histories...passwords....cookies....EVERYTHING i can think of and still no avail......

Someones gonna have to email it to me..........any volunteers..?

And if i cant access myplay...its seriously gonna hamper my involvement with the guild.....!!!! :cry:

..... but youll never get rid of me..... im here for the life sentence with nooooooo posibility for parole....... ( life..whataya mean life...i aint gotta life....) ..... hehehehehe (Megadeth rule... ;) )

I can always mail you the stuff ...though that will become a tremendous bottleneck after awhile.

Do you have access to Nefilim's FTP server? This may be the best solution for you. He has most everything up there...and I can make it a point to put up stuff that you NEED to listen to (like tame preview mixes) up there.
thanx for postin me the mix adds...... :)

Ok... i reckon it pretty happy with everything in it.......Tis sounding thick as bricks....chunky and cool......!!!

BUT.... my intro lead riff sounds awful..... i dont know what the deal is there.... because i would of never of released it if it was that bad out of sync/time....... Must be either a syncing issue at your end rabs..... or the mixdown at my end was totally farked.......!!!!

Ill have a look to see if i saved it......relisten....and compare them..... im sure it wasnt that bad though....!!!