I've Got The Fire - Official Thread

I haven't done anything new yet, except tweaking the Zoom for better soundwith bass...
I'll probably redo the second half of the song tomorrow when I have time.

I got your mix. Sounds good.

I put another version of my rhythm track up on MM's Myplay. I spliced in a section from another take that was better....let me know what you think. If you can't hear the splice and think its better on the 'problem' section...then we roll with it.

I'll start working on the leads stuff you were talking about..and the solo.
Ok Rabs I`ll check it out :) It`s just that first part before the break that`s new right? You can choose wich one of the verses you wanna lay down a lick on and I just do it on the other one then :) C`mon you can do it before you leave for one week...:rolleyes: ;)
Ermm, there's a little hiccup...:cry:

My computer's power source got thunderstruck last weekend and I don't have a clue when I can get it repaired. :(

Man I hate living on the countryside sometimes.
Hey guys,

I see this board has changed...again...

I don't think there is a need to rush on this one. I won't be able to record my solo's on this tune until sometime next week anyway...and I am thinking probably the middle of next week or so (realisticlly). Maybe Eddy will have his PC fixed by then?
Just thought we get this thread going again...any news..?
MM, how do you want me to send you my guitar parts? I think it`s best if I send it in about three pieces, if thats cool with you? That`s for helping out the mixing job :)
Got the tracks Rabs and they sure are brilliant, great playing and tuning....and cool as hell solo, sounds awsome now, not a single flaw in the whole song :) I think I can have a mix to upload for you Hyde later tonight :)

My solo sucked. Oh well. I wanted it to be much more frantic and over the top than that. I afraid I still am not good enough to play what I hear in my head.
Originally posted by Adde
I uploaded a "gotthefire_guitarmix1" for ya to get Hyde, it`s on Virus`s FTP! :)

Adde: I just logged on to Virus's ftp, but a couldn't find "gotthefire_guitarmix1" Is it in the I've got the fire folder?