I've Got The Fire - Official Thread

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My solo sucked. Oh well. I wanted it to be much more frantic and over the top than that. I afraid I still am not good enough to play what I hear in my head.

Rabies: I haven't heard your solo yet, but I can relate to not being able to play something the way it sounds in your head.

I get what I call recording anxiety...:lol: I can play a part perfectly time after time, rip it up, then hit the rec button and it seems like I've been playing for two weeks!:lol:
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I get what I call recording anxiety...:lol: I can play a part perfectly time after time, rip it up, then hit the rec button and it seems like I've been playing for two weeks!:lol:

I hear ya on that. I do the same damn thing....or maybe its just that I think it sounds better than it is while playing along or whatever...and when I listen back I think....thats how crappy I played it?!?

Oh well.
You wanna redo the solo? Sounds your not happy with it. It would be problem if thats the case, the main thing is that were happy with the end result :)
Ok, I recorded my bass track. I'm really mad at myself for this one because I thought I would play this a whole lot better. I finally got together a track that I think is ok. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my playing, and I agonize over every little mistake, so I figured I would post it and let you decide if it's good enough. The main problems I have with it are that I got a whole lot more string noise than I was expecting and rolled off some of the high end to try and compensate. The other problem I had was that I was playing the song to a different vibe along with the cd, and I kept playing off time with your tracks. For a while I thought I was going to pull my hair out!:lol:
I will post the track to Virus's ftp and ask you to give me some more objective criticism. Maybe it's not that bad of a track, but if it is bad to you too let me know and I'll do it over until I get it right.:)
Hey guys, sounds like you're almost done with this one! :)
Adde sent a pre-mix of it for me to put down some vocals to, but unfortunately I've been too busy with moving and school, so I haven't had the time... I am now at my parents place, where I intend to spend the summer. My major problem here is that I'm never alone, and I can hardly stand and scream maiden-tunes in my room... so the only solution I can see is if I try to get a place to rehearse with a new band, and record the vox there. That would probably be the best idea, since I could really scream at the top of my lungs, contrary to waht I have been doing on previous recordings.

Sorry if this post is incoherent, but I'm really tired now and I hardly know what I'm writing... so bear with me. :)

Ok, I tried to upload the file to virus's ftp, but the connection was terminated at 21 percent. It shows the track is there, but it isn't the full track. I tried to re-send it two more times but it won't let me. I don't know what else to do to make it work.
Any suggestions?
I never could get the file uploaded to Virus's ftp, if it shows a file there it's not complete. Don't waste time trying to download that one.

I put it on myplay.
I mailed you my tracks now MM so go get the bass too and then I guess we got all instruments done :) I havent had the time to mix the bass in myself Hyde so that will be MMs job, he`s the official mixer on this one :)
Adde: Ok.

I noticed another problem with my bass track....I recorded it in two sections...my original track was split during the break where the guitar and drums do their thing. I normalized my track before I posted it but for some reason it didn't keep the clips linked like it should and it increased the volume of the second half more than it did the first half. I didn't notice it until I listened to it the next day. I'm sure you can make the levels match it's just a little bit of a pain...sorry.:)
Other than that...I don't think the track is as bad as I did when I first listened to it, my timing is off a little in spots, and I didn't hit a couple of the notes clearly but when I did a little production work on it I was able to get it to mesh with the rough mix I had.

Hey Guys.........ok I've got all the parts and I'm gonna have a go at mixing tonight.
Rabs and Ad........your tracks both sound great, nice job:)

Hyde......I like your bass sound. It's a bit more Geddy than Steve, but it's cool. I'll run it through a few things to keep the volume even. Nice Job.

Stay tunned...........:)
My solo file should be up on Virus' FTP site. Thats where Adde pulled it from I think. If not, let me know, I'll put it up there..or mail it to you. Be sure to use the correct rhythm track of mine too...there are probaby 6 or so of them in existance! Grab the rhythm track that is sitting next to my solo track.
Ok, Jim has laid down some real cool vox for this one, I`ll upload them to your Myplay account MM, called "firevox" I think. They`re very dry so you`ll have to add reverb and maybee do some compression as well :) Anyway, the vox rock :)
Yep I got everything. It sounds great so far. Jim and I had a conversation about his vox today. I told him he's a God amongst men...... but he still wants to redo a few parts. Who am I to argue.
oh plus i need to send him the words