I've Got The Fire - Official Thread

I'll nail it out tomorrow. :)I'd do it today but too little time, school 'til 1500hrs then briefly home and to disco...:ugh:
Ok, great guys :) Rabs, you are a bit late on the last time(only the last) we play that main riff(the one that starts off the song), our guitars may seem a bit off in that place..no big thing though..
Have you already recorded your solo? :)

Is is fixable in the mix? Or do I just start late and then adjust halfway through to be on time? I can probably redo just the last part if you want. No biggie. Let me know.

I have not recorded my solo. I have tabbed out most of the 'dual guitar' section..and will have the rest done tonight. I will probably record the solo part(s) this weekend.

I got your mail. Do our tones sound near identical on this or what? Kick ass!

I hear everything you are referring to..and I agree. Can you send me your rhythm guitar track for me to rerecord my part to? Easiest that way. It only took me about 15 minutes to record what I did...and I am guaranteed an identical tone on my part thanks to the POD. :)

I want to try to get our guits in sync perfectly! :D I'll record the break/solo at the same time...and get that tab out to you...
Hi again. Rabies, did you get my mail? If you wanna comment, please do so here at the board cuz I`m at my parents and can`t access my mail from here. I was in a real hurry when I mailed you and I dont know if I made sense. After I sent the mail I took a listen to the mp3 mix for the first time and it was a lot more blurry than the original on the N-track, dont know why :( However, thoose parts I pointed too in the mail may be a bit tricky to hear what`s wrong with cuz of the the moore blurry sound but they are clear when I listen to N-track, just wanted you to know that. Can`t make another mix until late sunday when I get home again
Yeah, we sure have good compatible tones on this one :) I`ll mail you my parts when I get back home! Yeah, I agree it will be pretty good in the end! Hope Eddy is up for the job.. ;) Also MM: Killer drum track on this one, almost studio quality :)
Well, my track should be up somewhere tomorrow. I'll record it today but it takes time to encode it with my crappy old computer...

I hope MM can do something with my track, I bet it's the worst sounding one in this tune...:cry:
Woohoo! Finally I've got something finished!
The bass track is ready, all I have to do is to encode it which will take some time. It's not perfect and if there's some obvious flaws let me know. The first half (before the solo) is quite good, but the last half may have some 'bugs'.

I'll upload it immediately when I've encoded it. :)
My track should be up on Nefilim's FTP-server in few minutes. :)

EDIT: ...Or not.
Nefilim: There are two files, "I've got the fire bass.mp3" and "I've got the fire bass2.mp3" that you can delete. Neither one of them is complete, cos first the connection f'd up and on second time me computer just rebooted.:(
I'll use MM's myplay account instead.

It's up there now. I'm off to watch hockey.
Hi Eddy, just listened to your track, it seems cool :) But why did you not play that ending thing between 2.26-2.36? :confused: I think we need some bass there for it to sound good. Or is it maybee played so in the original.. Anyway, the rest seems cool :cool:
2 quick things.

1. I tried re-recording my parts last night...but I was seriously havnig an 'off' night...so I stopped. Will try again tonight.

2. I listened to your bass track in the mix Eddy. Not bad at all. Whoever mixes the song will have to run compression on the track to try to keep it more even. I also agree with Adde....the bass just dropping out at the end sounds weak.
I listened to my track again yesterday and there's few timing problems on the last half as I suspected. Nothing bad but noticeable. I think I'll re-do the latter part and try to throw in decent sounding ending.

Rabs, you're right about compressing my track. I didn't wanna do it myself so that the mixer (MM?) can adjust it any way he sees best in the final mix.

The sound was quite good considering the way I recorded it. I think I'll toy around with the Zoom and see if I can improve it.
Sorry mate..I have been a lazy sh@#t this week.

...actually its due to a lack of time. I am working on it..and should have something to you shortly.

..and that damn tab!
yee haw!

Working from home kicks ass!

I took a break and ripped it out. I put it up on myplay. Lemme know what you think Adde. I also put in the break part that we are doubling (as it will be panned too)..I can whack it if you don't like it. :p

Up on maidenmans myplay account.

I also did the tab real quick. I attached it. The first part is correct...its the fast run afterwards that is impossible (for me) to tab right. I kinda just played a fast lick using the 3 notes involved...take a listen to the track to see what I did. They both end different on the original too..I did a dive bomb..you can end it however you think is cool...(and the solo will come in over top).



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Wow, you da man Rabs! I listened to your guitar with mine and it really rocks, good job. Really cool break in the middle there, I`ll se what I can do.. :) I havent checked the tab yet but Im sure it`s good. The only thing to mention is the playing around 0:15 or 0:16 into the song, I think we just hit the riff a bit diffrently there, no big deal at all but I know you`re a perfectionist Rabs :) I`ll make a mix and sent it over to ya :)