I've Got The Fire - Official Thread


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Apr 16, 2001
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I've Got The Fire Project

Official Players
Drums - MaidenMan
Bass - Eddy -
Guitar - Rabies
Guitar - Adde
Vocals - Nefilim
Mixer - MaidenMan

We have such a bad habit of starting other projects with so many others open. :( Oh well. :eek: :D

This one should be fast and easy. Take some of the pressure of the other BIG projects we are on (To tame, 7th son, etc).

I just got the drum track. You can expect my rhythm guitar track done tonight or tomorrow (depening on how long it takes to fix my PC).
You seem to know how to play this one in your sleep Rabies, been a while since I heard it though. You think you can do a quick tab of how you play it and mail it to me, especially the main riff, it would speed things up :)?
Tab would take me longer...But I can whip something with the basic riffs no problem.

Do you use/have Ptab? That would be easiest for me. Otherwise, I'll have to export it to ASCII..
I have guitar pro, that`s all I know. But I had no problem opening the tab for Murders in the rue morgue.......that`s all I know....I`m no good at computers or the programs....:confused:
Hey Rabs did you record your bass track for Burning Ambition by plugging your good old bass straight to soundcard?

No. I ended up going through my POD....so I could add some reverb to the bass and do some up from EQ. Sounded nowhere near as good as i wanted, but it was better than line into my card.

Other bass players are doing that though...so you should be ok.


Hmm...odd. Well, I'll make a ptab and send it at ya. If it don't work, let me know. I didn't realize you were not computer saavy. ;)
Ok - My rhythm Guitar part is up. I ended up using take 4. :(

Adde, I went ahead and took some ASCII tab I found on a tab site and modified it so it was correct (I hate faulty tab). I am going to try to attach it using this board. If that fails, I'll mail it to you tomorrow.

We need to discuss how to deal with the break/solo. I like the studio version break part (where two guitars play a ascending pull-off lick)...and then a guitar breaks into a solo....as opposed to the live version where one guitar does a solo through the break and another during the solo riff. Which do you prefer? I think doubling up the ascending riff would be cool..but then we only get one solo..which you can have if you want. :)

Ok. Out for tonight. Its up on MaidenMans Myplay locker.


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Cool...the attachment works for me. Save it to your local drive and then open it..otherwise the formatting is all screwed up.

Let me know if you have any problems. It just tabs out all the riffs...I think you can figure out the song structure. ;)
Yes, it works fine, thanks a lot :)

I must download the studio version so I can have a listen, cuz in my head I only remember the live version... I have a very busy day today so I cant do it now, it`s gotta be later in the evening..untill then...ta ta
Okiedokie, I'll dl the rhythm track and get the bass tomorrow. If everything goes well my part should be done during the weekend...
Btw...I forgot to mention last night.

Maidenman - The sound on your drum track for this one was great! Bass drum came through nicely. Snare/toms sound pretty good. Cymbals were a little weak this time though (probably cause you compensated EQ to bring up bass?)....but definately a great sounding drum track...and well played...as usual. :)
Great rythm track there Rabies, as usual :)
Yeah, we can try out that doubling of the ascending solo riff (you got a tab for that too? :rolleyes: , it may turn out pretty cool. You do the other part of the solo man, take it away! :) Must say I dig this song moore with Pauls vocals than with Bruces, it`s just Pauls raw rockin voice that does it I guess :)
yea...we'll see which way Nefilim decides to sing it.. ;)

I don't have tab on the break. I can write that. Its pretty easy...with the exception of the lick at the very end. Thats a bit tough. I'll try to write it up tonight and get it out to ya.
Very kind of ya :) no need to hurry. shall we play the same thing or different octaves or some harmony on that part? The guitars play quite alike through out this whole song..
Yea...but thats because the main riff is almost impossible to harmonize (due to its nature)..and if you do, it sounds...wrong.

The break section we will need to do the same thing. Due to the way its played..it would be extremely difficult to harmonize..or use octaves. you'll see. You can try...it may be a good challenge for you playing! ;)
I didn't rush anything or screw anything up? I have not listened to it again yet...only immediately after recording...which is really a bit no-no...but oh well.
Your track is good overall, no real flaws. I`m done with my rythm track(I think....) I think this one will rock :) Have you tabbed that solo part yet Rabs?, the one we were gonna do both? Eddy, hows the bass coming along? :)
I think I managed to get a nice sound regarding the way our guitars sound together Rabs, MM is it cool if I do a mix of this song too? I haven`t been mixing lateley and dont wanna loose the little experience I got :)