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Hi Rabies.


The Clansman. I have your notes for the correction of the track. Was Ploughman doing a new drum track? I did not want to record it if we were changing the tempo of the song.
BTW, your guitar playing on this track is incredible. !:headbang:

Futureal. Forgot all about the song. I'll check my hard drive to see if I have the drum track. I'll start working on it. Give me an hour and I'll send out the track.... Just kidding:D:D:D. Not sure if I remember how to play the bass.

take care
Ploughman has not been around forever. I say lets just use what we got and get it off our plates once and for all. If you need any drums tracks, let me know.
(dare i say it) ...are you really in need of new drums ?

Let me know if you guys have hit a wall musically without having a drum track. Especially if its a maiden song, lol.
I have been having a bitch of a time posting on this board. I meant to reply to this for two days now...but keep getting shut out.

HulkBlood...we don't 'need' a new drum track per se...but it would not hurt. Your time is probably better spent on new drum tracks that you want to do. I just wanted to get this track done, as it was started almost 2 years go...or more.

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