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Eden's Fall

Dec 9, 2005
Here is a short review from Quintessence Metal Webzine:

EDEN'S FALL (U.S.)- "Harmony Of Lies" (2005 self)

Continuing the great tradition of bands coming out of Illinois, EDEN'S FALL spent two years creating, writing and making this debut effort something special. They pulled it off and with the added aid of Dan Swano mixing the album and James Murphy mastering ths release, EDEN'S FALL brought out all their weaponry on this one including the music they deliver on this 9-track effort.

This 5-piece is heavily compared to traditional bands like Judas Priest, Testament and Exodus but also Nevermore and Iced Earth which in my opinion is the main two you'll hear. What makes EDEN'S FALL different however is the thick dual-layered guitar crunch they add to these songs. Call it a mosh-frenzy or what-have-you but add in some solo trade-offs, "phat" bass and double-bass drumming with a nice thick sound, you have one exceptioal band and debut album. This is why I wait to do my "Best Of" polls in the Spring! I always seem to get these bands out of nowhere that need to be ranked and man, I shit you not, EDEN'S FALL is the real deal. Don't think they are a clone. They may have quite a few elements of Iced Earth and Nevermore but they are still musically different in the songwriting department. This band could've went either way as far as my review sections since one minute they are progressive and technical and next they are brutal and aggressive. Definately a band to keep your eye on and I see a label negotiation down the road. Many of these DIY bands are finally being noticed by some of the media; this band shouldn't go by unnoticed.