Review of Dark Funeral and Naglfar at the H.O.B on October 25


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Oct 28, 2007
Los Angeles (Chatsworth)
I got the chance to see Dark Funeral, Naglfar, and Daath on oct 25 2007
I like the fact that I managed to get in for free (almost got caught, but did not!!!)
Dark Funeral did a better performance than 4 years ago when I saw them, I do admit that it might of been a bit hard for the new fans to decipher the cacophony that Dark Funeral was secreting.
I also like the fact that they played 3 or 4 extra songs after they announce that they were going to play their last song (final ritual)
I been a big fan of Naglfar, especially when they had their old singer, but I do admit that the former bassist and back up vocalist managed to do a good show…I like the fact that Naglfar had the best sound. If you are a new fan of Naglfar then I really suggest that you listen to their Diabolical cd!
And about Daath, hmm when I got there- they were all ready been playing, I managed to hear 4 songs From Daath. I noticed that many of the new metal fans enjoyed Daath’s show. I think that Daath was Ok (personally they should of lower down the vocals volume just a bit and raise their guitar amps)

I give the show 7.5 points (out of the 10 possible points)

I would say that there wasn’t that much of a crowd and that there wasn’t that much of a moshpit.

My next review was going to be of Behemoth (10-28 at the house of blues) but I seen them 4 times all ready and I know that they deliver a good show, it be nice to have Nergal do his old school black pagan metal voice, but I digress.

Look for my NEXT review of Suffocation (11-05-2007 at the house of blues)
Until then I am going to smoke medicinal weed that someone left in my car.

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