Rusted Earth - Mini Album/EP

Rusted Earth

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Jul 10, 2016

This album is influenced by post-apocalyptic themes and musically, it is a mix of black metal, heavy metal, rock and maybe some post-metal. For this release, I made a conscious decision to trim the fat. You’ll notice that the tracks are quite short for this style and that’s because I wanted to have no filler at all. Well at least I don’t think there is.

I’ve released the 6 track, 23 minute mini album/ep on bandcamp. I still plan on putting out a full length hopefully later this year. The ep can be listened to and or/purchased here: It is available as Name Your Price.

A bit of a rundown for those looking for a quick listen.

Silence - Medium to fast paced. Second half is faster.
Outsider - The most rock influenced of all the tracks.
Darkness - One of the slower tracks.
Storm - By far the fastest track.
Shards - Starts slowly, has a mid section that gradually builds and then comes the speed.
Control - Generally mid paced, but with quite a few different sections.

Thanks for listening.