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Apr 1, 2005
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SEVENTH WONDER Extend Their Career in Signing with Frontiers

"...Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the signing of Swedish progressive metal masters SEVENTH WONDER for a multi album deal!

Originally formed in Stockholm in 2000, the band debuted in 2005 with “Become”. The second album, “Waiting in the Wings” - and first to feature Tommy Karevik on vocals - followed in 2006. Two more successful records, the concept album “Mercy Falls”, and “The Great Escape”, followed before the band went on hiatus following singer Tommy Karevik being chosen to take Roy Kahn’s place in Kamelot

Seventh Wonder is now ready to start again and has plans to return with a live recording and a brand new album to kick things off.

Bass player Andreas Blomqvist states: “It has been too quiet in the Seventh Wonder camp for far too long – and FINALLY that is about to change! Many years have passed since we last put out a record but, finally the band is a fully functioning unit again, ready to create some great new music. As we were getting ready to get back on track we also needed somebody to partner with. Somebody who shared our vision for the band and saw our potential and was willing to commit to the band. We have found that somebody in Frontiers! We are thrilled to be on board with such a famous label with many of our favourite bands on their roster. You, the fans, have been more patient than anyone could ever deserve. We are equally proud and humbled by that and we promise to do our best, together with our new friends at Frontiers, to make up for the years of silence by going full speed ahead. And you know what? The new album is sounding great!”

Fans first taste of new music will see the light of day in the fall, with the new album expected to be released in the first half of 2017...."
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Yes! Very good news to hear, and also it is good (in a way) to know that there has been difficulties and things going on behind the scenes to get past them, and that nothing happening for a long time isn't just what the band wants to be "standard procedure". Seems like it should be a good fit, hope it works out well for the band and that we finally get the long awaited follow-up to what is still my favourite album of the 10's.
Doesn't seem like Frontiers much cares for them. Maybe at this rate we'll see a release date sometime mid-April. =/

Edit: Maybe June at best. Thanks, Frontiers.
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