Shadow Gallery Album/Song Discussion

My favourite album is Tyranny/Room V, and my favourite song is also Room V... That "double album" is a magnificent achievement.
I love every album though, each and every one of them has its highlights.

s/t : Darktown is fucking catchy as hell, and The Queen Of The City Of Ice is just beautiful
Carved In Stone : that one is brilliant from start to finish ; "Ghostship" of course is quite the adventure.
Legacy : COLORS ! One of my absolute favourite SG tunes, just a gorgeous piece of music.
And then Tyranny/Room V. What can I say ? Great storytelling, fantastic music, this is SG's true masterpiece imho.

Digital Ghosts is a brilliant record but I'll need more sittings to determine which part of it I like the most. I think it's bound to become another perfect record...
Hands down "Tyranny" a masterwork from head to toes. The band peaked with that one undoubtedly. Some of my favorite songs:

'The Queen Of The City Of Ice'
'War For Sale'
'Society Of The Mind'
Tyranny was the first album I heard, and I did not like it. But before giving up on them I decided to give shadow gallery one more chance and their debut caught my interest becaue of the mystical and etheral feel of the album cover. At first I was not impressed as I usually don't listen to "cheese," but I'm glad I did because after the 3rd listen or so I found myself singing along and transporting my mind to this fantasy world shadow gallery's music conjours on their debut.
I think Tyranny is the second best progressive metal album ever made, after Dream Theater's Images & Words.

My top 10 favourite SG songs are (in alphabetical order):

Cliffhanger 2
Crystalline dream
The Dance of fools
Destination unknown
Ghostship, Pt. 5: Storm
Hope for us?
I believe
New world order

Though my top 10 doesn't include any track from Digital Ghosts, I still think it's a very good album too, like every SG studio album.
did a quick check, some cds I haven't played for a while...
Tyranny and Digital Ghosts seem to be my fav cds, the latter being my 100% full album favorit. :headbang:

dance of fools
questions at hand
say goodbye to the morning

Crystalline Dream
Deeper Than Life

Stiletto in the Sand
War For Sale
Out of Nowhere
Hope For Us
I Believe
Ghost of a Chance

Society Of The Mind

The Andromeda Strain
Birth of a Daughter
Death of a Mother
The Archer of Ben Salem
Room V

Digital Ghosts (full album)