Shock Totem Needs An Artist


Apr 9, 2002

Hope it's cool that I'm posting this here. Kind of desperate.

Anyway, Shock Totem is my horror publication. Our first issue came out last July and issue 2 is ready to go. Problem is, we don't have artwork. We originally went with someone a friend suggested, but what he initially gave us wasn't anything like we'd discussed, which makes me wonder if it wasn't just some work he had finished from another time.

Either way, he said he'd work on something else but we haven't heard from him. Issue 2 is already late; it should have come out in January. But we didn't have enough quality fiction so we held off releasing a sub-par issue. Now we have the fiction, everything is ready to go, but we have no artwork. =(

I know I discussed this with some of you before, about working with us on a possible future issue. So here we are! Issue 2 is ready, and issue 3 is on the horizon, so please talk to me.

We like digital and different, something a little out of the norm for the horror field—which tends to go the more traditional horror art route most of the time. Here is the artwork for issue:


As you can see, that's fucking bad-ass. Not your standard horror fare. And it's so bad-ass that someone got it tattooed on his back! Crazy. The artwork was done by Robert Hoyem (, a member of this forum, and it's gotten nothing but high praise!

And issue 1 didn't get a single bad review, which is rare. So we have a lot to live up to.

If anyone is interested, contact me here or at And if you know anyone you think would be a good fit, please point me in their direction.

Rock! :headbang:
I'd still be interested. I talked to you about this a while ago, but my art is... um... better now. Is this still non-paying?
Was it non-paying back then? Probably. We've gone professional since. So the answer is no. We pay. We're not paying $1,500 or anything, of course. This a totally non-profitable venture. Haha.

Talk to me, though.