SINBREED - When Worlds Collide (Killer Heavy Power Metal)


Jul 18, 2002
Check out Sinbreed! Kick ass Heavy Power Metal from Germany, and coming out on Ulterium Records this March! Absolutely monstrous release!


Anyone interested in hearing more tune into my show tonight from 7-10 PM EST as I will be showcasing this killer release!

Here is a video of one of the tracks from the forthcoming CD

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Thanks for posting J-Man! I totally forgot they did a video for that song. The CD is just so awesome. Congrats to Emil at Ulterium Records for bringing us another gem!

Also on the show tonight is new music from EXCALION, RECKLESS LOVE, TAKING DAWN (see the heated debatted thread on this forum haha), and STATE OF ROCK (FRONTLINE with Tony Mills on vocals).
Its good power metal. But I think that I just no longer like straight power metal. Oh well.
KICK-ASS!!!!!! Damn, this would be a good choice for 2011. Can you picture them opening up either Friday or Saturday night with this song.
I will be picking this up. When I first read the post I was like....oh no, what a terrible name. Then it hit me....I read about these guys a while back so I checked it out and now I will definetly buy it once it is out.