So what is Tomas Lindbergs main band now?

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Mar 19, 2002
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Since ATG split up he's been in:

(2002) Skitsystem - I havent managed to get hold of anything by them, but Terrorizer say this month that a new release is coming sometime.

(2002) Lockup - Vocals in Hate Breeds Suffering, supposedly a side project..

(2002) The Crown - Crowned In Terror.

(2000) Great Deceiver - Jet Black Art. I remember reading at the time that was going to be the new vision of ATG for Lindberg. But the last i heard was that they were going into the studio for a new album (this was in January 2001).

(1998) Disfear - Everyday Slaughter. I've heard nothing more since this release.

So, anyone know which is the main band he's in? Not that it matters, as long as the stuff released rocks and i can get it :cool:
I picked up crowned in terror as an early release at the mass metalfest friday and it is fucking amzing. And seeing as the crown is on tour in the us I would assume the crown is his main focus right now.

As for the great deciever im pissed i wasted 9 bucks on that piece of shit cd i didnt realize they were a fucking hardcore band and his vocals sound bitchy and lame on it.

Skitsystem kills I have their album - gra varld / svarta tankar and I reccomending getting it if you see it.
I thought Great Deceiver was pretty good. Where did you get Skitsystem from? I cant even find anyone that lists it :(

I will have Crowned In Terror this week :cool: