i wasn't a huge fan of the first album of theirs, the second one was decent, me personally though, i hate all the tribal shit and reggaeish sounds, i don't know it just bothers me. But overall i would say they aren't bad, i may have to try the new one after all of the good reviews. But i still am biased, because i absolutely love "Chaos AD" from Sepultura.
No. I've heard acouple other albums which is enough for me.

I still say you should check it out, you don't even have to buy it! Just go on youtube or something. It really is COMPLETELY different. You can't even judge it as the same band, thats how much better they have got!

It was ok, rather generic though imo.

I take your point, but I personally have a lot of respect for a band who have purposely changed to a less popular/mainstream sub-genre in order to create better music.
New Soulfly is quite good. Listened to it a lot lately. But I realize that it's not really a masterpiece or something, though it's still cool enough. I wish it was a bit more angry maybe... "Touching The Void" track sounds like some kind of doom - which is kinda a new stuff from Max. Anyway - in general the album is good.
Seen Soulfly live in the end of September. Wasn't impressed, but it's organizators fault. Seeing them on March again, - hopefully it will be better.
I think "Prophecy" and "Dark Ages" are their best cd's. I love them and listened to them non stop for weeks. Their new one is pretty good is Cavalera Conspiracy. Their stuff is just catchy and heavy.

I like some of the older Soulfly songs and albums as well. I dig the reggae sounding metal as well as the tribal.

They have their own sound...and no other band sounds like them, which is more than I can say for black metal or death or melodic.

Good stuff!

Plus Max has the best vocals/growls in all of metal for me!
Aye, it's a good album thats for sure. Soulfly have gone a LONG way since their old stuff and Conquer is in my top 5 albums of last year.

Glad to hear that so many others on here like it! Any people catching them on tour soon?
They sound like Korn and technically they don't have their own sound nor any originality. sorta slip into troll land when you say they sound like Korn. Obviously you're ignorant, or just plain listened to one too many reviews about some of their non-thrash songs. The majority of their stuff is metal.

Please...tell me what band before Sepultura (as Soulfly basically sounds like Sepultura circa Chaos AD)...sounded like them. And what other band infuses reggae and tribal stuff with the catchy trash metal??

I dig them, plus I dig that MAx experiments.

Hint: No one! lol
Yeah, except for all the genre-defining classics and pioneering underground bands.

I've been into metal for about 15 years, and for a while, I was all about the latest and greatest, but there's just too many new bands to keep up with. I'm sure there are a few "fresh" bands...but I'm just saying any experienced metalhead should be able to pick out a Soulfly/Sepultura song from the pack right off the bat.

Max doesn't get too complex in his songs, just sorta does what he's good at...