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Apr 16, 2001
Enfield, South Australia
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Just been doing a little homework about this band you've often mentioned, and they've gone up in my estimation now that I know their KISS cover of choice is "I", which happens to be one of my favourite songs from my favourite album of all time! Methinks I might have to check out this "Rise" CD sooner rather than later :). What do you think of the self-titled disc?

Good god man, if you like kiss you will LOVE hair of the dog! :)

The self titled one is great, but Rise is fantastic, it easily stands up to the best albums released in the 80s, and I dont say that lightly, I cant say enough good things about them!
Ahh the sublime "rescue me", the rocking "the almighty strut", one of the best riffs of all time on "rise", the radio friendly, kiss song kiss never wrote in "you are the one" I could go on....and I will, the party rock anthem "5 to 9", the van halenesque "color me fire" (americans cant spell...)....
Uh oh, im getting all overexcited.....think calm blue ocean, think calm blue ocean....
Anyway, the kiss cover is rather good to say the least, buy the album, you wont be disappointed!
Hahahah "I could go on... and I will"

I love that haha, classic.

I'll be checking out this album too hehe, still haven't got around to it yet.

You'll be hearing from me as soon as I do! :D
I know, I cant wait for it either!!!!
Wrathy, when you finally get Rise, you will get this HUGE smile on your face about 15 seconds into the first song. Trust me. :)

HOTD are Kiss reincarnated. Except Kiss are still alive.

BTW did kiss ever do a song with the lyrics "outta control, your outta control, kiss those dice and let them roll, your heart starts pumpin, you shake and you roll, feels so good to be outta control"? I ask because on the end of their AWESOME cover of I there is a hidden song, and I dont know if its by kiss or an original.
Based on what I've read about HOTD at the Spitfire site, "Outta Control" was an out take from a very drunken recording session, which the band decided to stick on the end of the CD just for the hell of it. Read the whole story at

Peter Criss once did a solo album called "Out of Control" though. Wonder if there's any connection?