Spawny. I expect a reply within 24 hours.... Iced Earth involved :)

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Apr 17, 2001
McKay... I got Horror Shoe on the weekend, and I am absolutly speechless. It is awesome! I love all the songs, particullaly Damian, Ghost of Freedom, Phantom Opera Ghost, Wolf, and Jekyl & Hyde (Love the lyrics to this one)
I love the part in J & H when the 2 are having a conversation with each other "I wont let you'...... "NOOOO" reminds me alot, funnily enough of the original Jeseus Christ Superstar with Ian Gillan. There is also a little section in the Phantom Opera Ghost which reminds me of JCS... a part where Matt again screams!
Anyhoo... I love the album to death, and have heard Wolf twice on JJJ!!
I now have in my Iced Earth Collection:
Something Wicked, Dark Saga, Burnt Offerings, and Horror Show. My question is.... Is it worth me getting the Self Titled album and Stormrider, or just got for Days or Purgatory. Quite frankly, Matt Barlow is firmly in my top 5 vocalists of all time, and I cannot think of why I should get Stormrider and Iced Earth over Purgatory. Unless you can suggest otherwise?? I should also get Alive in Athens too I know, but I like to have all the studio albums before getting into live stuff.... In saying that, I think a band has to prove themselves live if they are to be classed as a great band, so maybe I should check it out soon.
This band is a pure delight to listen to. I love em! I thought Dark Saga was my fave IE album, especially with A Question of Heaven on it, but everytime I listen to Something Wicked, I think that is my fave IE album....... Now with Horror Show, I am torn between 3 lovers!! hehe.
Dantes Inferno is a killer song too... one of my faves. I love the chants... Damian reminds me of Dante's Inferno a little bit.
Also, what is the Meloncholy EP, and should I part with my cash to buy it?

Anyhoo........ Sorry to babble on a bout bullshit, but Iced Earth rule, and I know I wont hear any complaints from atleast 1 BB member!! :)
MMMM Iced Earth, a crispy heavy metal bun with a progressive metal filling :)

Ok, id say go for DOP next, the self titled album (their first) is pretty bad as the vocalist is....well....I dont want to make fun of Iced Earth so Ill say that Jon must have kept him in the band because he was a friend and not because he is a good singer. Ive heard there is a one cd version of DOP, dont get that, get the 2 cd version! All the songs from the first album that are on there sound so much better with matt as a vocalist, plus they rerecorded guitars and stuff for some of tracks and remixed others, the production is just a lot better overall.

Stormriders vocalist is actually pretty good (he is no barlow, but not many are!) So id recommend getting that too when you get the chance as well, its a great album!

Alive in athens is fantastic, but get the 3 cd version if you can! I love dantes inferno too and the live version of it is so good i cant listen to the studio one anymore :)
Its one of the best live albums ive heard, along with all the maiden ones.
And yes, damien does sound similair to dantes, listen to the "lucifer, angel of light" bits in dantes and listen to the "so a beast resides in me" bits in damien, the riffs are nearly the same, I dont care though, both songs rule :)

The 3 albums you mentioned as your favourite albums of theirs (dark saga, SWTWC, HS) are my 3 faves as well, stormrider is awesome too though....argh! Its too hard to choose, but i have to say horror show is my fave currently.

The melancholy e.p. has the songs melancholy (holy martyr), I died for you, electric funeral, shooting star, the ripper and the live version of colours left off of alive in athens. EF,SS and TR are covers (i think its black sabbath, bad company and judas priest in that order). I bought it, but I wouldnt say its a must have unless you either are an iced earth nut (like myself) or like the songs they covered, electric funeral is great, i will admit i dont listen to it too much.

Ok, I think ive covered it all :)
Stormrider is their best album :D (Songwise that is) The production is crap and the vocals aren't as good as Matt's though, obviously. But songwise, it's easily their best! And probably the best album ever as far as rhythm guitar goes! Hehe.

I would suggest getting that individually, as it's also a concept album, so you should have the entire album in order.
I just went to utopia and bought the 2 cd version of horror show, how goods the packaging!! Its like a hardcover novel, its awesome, its by far the best ive ever seen for a cd, even better than the 3 cd AIA :)

Sweet :)
Oh yeah, I forgot to add some mindless trivia!

In the horror show booklet, opposite the wolf lyrics, with all the monsters standing in front of the castle, that pic was supposed to be the front cover, but century media changed it (Jon said so in an interview, whether what is now on the cover was where that was, I dont know).

Troops: I dont know if the production on stormrider is that bad in my opinion, but you are right, rhythm guitar wise the album is phenomenal. Also, you will be getting your vids soon troops, honest!
I've had Burnt Offerings, Dark Saga, Days Of Purgatory, and Something Wicked This Way Comes for quite sometime, and I got Alive In Athens a couple of months ago and I got Horror Show not that long ago.

Spawn: I agree AIA is awesome - the near perfect live album mix. I love the version of Melancholy on this one - rocks heaps better than the album version.
I honestly doubled my picking speed in about 2 months just from practicing The Path I Choose :) Night Of The Stormrider should be used by guitar teachers as a tool to help their students' picking technique I think hehe.

Spawn: Thanks :)
Thanks guys..........
I will most definatly pick up Purgatory in the next week or so... Followed by Alive in Athens, and then Stormbringer.

Is there any Iced Earth videos or DVD's either available, or coming soon?

They are up there with Dream Theater, Deep Purple, and Maiden in my top band list :)

How much was the special Horror Show from Utopia Spawny? They have DOP for about $50, and I thin they have AIA/................. I know they have the 5 boxed vinyl version for about $90 or sumthan'!

Hey Spawn, why dont ya start a petition or something to get Iced Earth down here....... I'd sign it, and so would my cat... that's 2 signatures..... possibly enough to lure them down here for a tour !!!
Yeah, Horror Shoe is Iced Earth's next release.....
14 songs of terrifying Shoe related stories that will keep you up at night......
track titles include:

The Shoe Saga
Burnt Shoe's
Dante's Shoe's
I clipped my nails for you
The Phantom Opera Shoe
and my favorite.... A Question of Tinea!
Haha, horror shoe...i got all excited because i got to crap on about iced earth and missed that!

Dantes shoes :lol: Thats a good one :)

As for the Dvd or vids, i have a crap load of iced earth live bootleg videos (they cost me a SHITLOAD to get, i bought them in us dollars argh!!!) Well worth it though! There is no official dvd or video yet, they are planning on making one of the new stage show they are doing (3 hours long, 3 set sounds SO sweet! :) )
Ive got that 5LP box set thingo, its cool, all the LPs are picture discs of the album covers, so i have 3 copies of AIA, the 2 cd version, the 3 cd version and the LPs.....Im nuts :)

A petition...that doesnt sound like such a bad idea sprucey.......

Oh yah, its night of the stormRIDER not stormbringer :lol: You arent having a good thread with names are ya sprucey? :) Congratulations on your fine top bands list also, all are brilliant!
Stormbringer..... Oops. There's the Deep Purple influence in me!

I was thinking of editing my last post so that it read StormRIDER, and making Spawny look quite the fool in a blatant act of malice...... but then thought "Ah screw it!"

Yeah, for Horror Shoe, they are doing another cover of a classic Maiden track
"The Athlete's Foot of the Long Distance Runner"
Haha........ ok, somebody stop me............ I have a problem!
As for the petition.............
A few months ago I noticed a Megadeth petition sitting on the counter at Utopia..........
Megadeth are now touring... Maybe we should approah Utopia to get an Iced Earth petition doing the rounds.......
I know it requires more than a stoopid petition to lure a band to our shores, but who knows..... Every little bit helps I guess
Originally posted by Spruce Goose
As for the petition.............
A few months ago I noticed a Megadeth petition sitting on the counter at Utopia..........
Megadeth are now touring...

Ah my beloved petition that was a total waste of time... didn't have to use it in the end because they finally got some support when they switched labels. If you want Iced Earth to tour here I'd start crossing your fingers they get off Century Media and on to a label that has some decent representation here.
I forgot to add that the 2cd version of horror show is 39 bucks sprucey
Coops, they are switching labels now, horror show was their last for CM thankfully, so maybe we will get lucky and they will sign with sanctuary/metal-is or something
Its taken a couple of listens but im now really getting into 'Horror Show'. I think it could very well beat 'Something Wicked'.

As far as petitions go. I don't think they are too much help. I think you just have to hope they will play and do it just because they want to please the fans, because they aren't going to make money touring here.
Yeah im the same, im beginning to think its my fave Iced Earth album too crossy.
Yeah the chances of a petition working are next to zero, but maybe it would at least alert them to where we are :)
Originally posted by Cooperman
If you want Iced Earth to tour here I'd start crossing your fingers they get off Century Media and on to a label that has some decent representation here.

It's weird how Nevermore got out here OK (and someone else who slips my mind right now) but they can't get IE out? Gotta love consistency....
Originally posted by spawn

In the horror show booklet, opposite the wolf lyrics, with all the monsters standing in front of the castle, that pic was supposed to be the front cover, but century media changed it

I'm glad it was changed. Cheese :mad:
I reckon it's great. Wicked drums on the first song, and also at about the 6 min mark of the last one. That last song....phantom opera thingo is fantastic.

I'm also very glad they changed the cover. My 10yo sister agrees with me too!