Special Seventh Wonder bass drum heads for auction


May 14, 2007
The guys have a very special offer for all ProgPower USA attendees!

What's it all about..?
Well, they have just ordered two very special bass drum heads from Drumstatic.
These 22" heads feature the ltd. edition 'Mercy Falls' artwork and have been custom made by none other than Mr. Casey Grillo of Kamelot. He's the best in the business, having made custom drum heads for Kiss, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Justin Timberlake and Korn to name but a few.

Now, Seventh Wonder has decided to auction them off in advance. These heads will be personally signed and handed over to the winner by all five members of the band on Saturday the 13th. at the venue after their second set.
Needless to say, this will make one of the most unique souvenirs ever, since the heads will obviously be in the upcoming live DVD, the production of which the winning bid will also be helping to finance.

Only those with PP tickets can bid, so we're going to keep it really simple:
to place a bid, simply send a PM to me through SW's Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/seventhwonderofficial), and I will regularly update the leading bid on SW's FB page.
Do not send any money, payment will be made through the regular merch section at the festival!

So if you are a fan looking for the ultimate in SW artwork for your wall, or a drummer who wants one of a kind drum heads for your own kit, this is your chance!

The auction will close this Sunday, at 10 pm!

Here's a picture of the design:


Click here for a larger, more detailed picture:
We received several requests to be able to bid on one bass drum head, so we'd like to give you all that opportunity as well!

The current highest bid is $300 for both!

Of course (if you're bidding on one bass drum) the two highest seperate bids must exceed the highest 'combination' bid.
Here's a little update regarding the auction of the two Seventh Wonder bass drum heads.

At the moment, we have two high 'seperate' bids:
the highest offer is $225 for one drum head, while the second highest bid for one is now $200.
So, the auction of the bass drum heads is over!

The two winners of the auction have been announced (Kevin and Bryan)!

This will surely be a very unique souvenir for them both, since the heads will obviously be in the upcoming live DVD, the production of which the winning bids will also be helping to finance.