Stem Mastering w/ Jens Bogren : A Review


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Apr 12, 2011
Hi Guys , I've been a long time lurker here and thanks to this forum have gotten to meet and work with some cool dudes like Jeff Dunne , Ryan Harvey and Brian Hood.

Big props to Aaron Smith for his earlier thread on Mastering with Jens for 7H7E which convinced me to go with Jens for this band that I produced,recorded and mixed . (guitar reamps by Ryan Harvey)

below are links to download the unmastered and mastered files .
Either one :

To listen to the whole track , go to the bandpage :

The Review :

Let's just say that Jens is as awesome and cool as the video you guys have seen and that his business partner Tony Lindgren is really nice chap as well.

we also used the mix feedback service and this is what Jens had to say about my mixes .

"Cool track, and a very good mix in general.
The sub-drops has too much sub in them, especially since the rest of the mix is on the thin side.
The kick could use a bit more 50-60hz, and a bit less around 4,3khz (pretty tight Q).
Some of the "critical" downbeat kicks (e.g. 0:36) could use a bit more volume to really start off the parts a bit more distinct (as would have been the case with a non-triggered kick). The c-part (from 2:00 until 2:40) could have some less kick.
I can't hear the bass in most of the song, apart from a little bit in the choruses (ex 1:19 - 1:45) and the c-part (from 2:00), but it might be bass from some pad as well? The bass could be much louder and brave sounding, especially in the verses.
I'm supposed to do stem mastering, right? Most of these issues can be handled by me then, but please look at it in the mix already. The main issue as I see it is the bass guitar. Drums, guitars and vocals sound great."

Best, Jens

I fixed up the stuff he recommended and let's just say he really knows what he's talking about :D ,even though they were minor minor changes.

The 1st draft of the master he sent was crushingly awesome already and we only had minor things to change like the slightly harsh vocals and guitars and he pretty much got it spot on for the final master for the band.

The only thing i would have wanted a little more as a mixer was if the drums glued a little bit more with everything else but I gotta say i'm pretty damn happy with the master and the band is extremely stoked as well.

all in all it's was a pleasure working with him and Tony and it turned out really awesome , if only it was a bit cheaper a lot of the bands I'm working with currently would have mastered with him too.

Rating : 9/10

keen to hear your thoughts


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Thank you very much for sharing man! I was really curious to see what this "stem mastering" can do. I'm downloading the track now.
If you don't mind sharing, how much did you have to pay in the end? including the mix feedback. Also, how much time did it take?

edit: I listened to the tracks. The difference is quite obvious this time, unlike the 7H7E stuff in which I could hardly hear any difference. He was right that the bass was almost non existent in your mix, it sounds much bigger and heavier now.
Hey guys

Thanks for the replies .

we paid 123 euros all up . between singapore and sweden there's a 6 hour time difference so mix feedback took a day and mastering took a day to get back. plus all the uploading and what not.

in fairness to me , what i posted was the very 1st mix , when i'm done i'm usually at mix 4 or 5 , but with stem mastering i didn't have to bounce any more mixes out . i just bounced out all the sub groups .

feel free to ask any more questions . I've learnt a lot from these forums, time to give back !
Yup , i've never mastered with Jens before and been doing my own mastering for a long time . so good to try out . My post rock band will be mixing and mastering our full length with Jens .

The Band is currently writing their EP , and will head back into the studios soon . This single is essentially to get the ball rolling :)

i'd like to think i'm not too shabby at mastering myself this is one of my latest work which i did everything , very riserecords-core

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If you don't mind sharing, how much did you have to pay in the end? including the mix feedback.

His list of prices is on his website

I quote his website
Other services:
Mastering per track: 90 Euro (For non-albums or albums shorter than 33 minutes, e.g. singles, EP's etc. Electronic delivery. A Stem mastering option is available and highly recommended at 20% extra)
Electronic or physical masters for EP's or singles: Quoted on request
Mix-feedback: 15 Euro / track (Have our experienced ears check your mixes prior to mastering!)
Finnox e-mastering is 55€/song + 23% but it of course does not include the same level of personnalization I suppose. They also offer a regular mastering service but that's worth mentionning it.
The thing is that a swedish company won't charge a german for swedish VAT. It's up to the customer to pay the VAT in their own country. And from what I read a service made by a german for a swede won't have swedish VAT unless there is a physical product. Usually the import VAT is added when customs recieve it. I'll have to check the info I got from our taxoffice. :)